How to Delete Google Account Automatically After you die

July 5, 2018

Though a hard truth of life, but death is imperative that every living being need to face. Of course! It is quite hard to take it when we think of a deceased person. Being the existence of a person for more time on a social networking web services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, they just keep us remembering of the person all the time. There is even a chance of taking ownership of your important files or data by other person. In order to avoid this, is there any way to auto delete your account after you die? The answer is yes! Either give out the login credentials to someone that you trust the most, so that they can access the Google account after your death or have a look at the below method that will let to set auto-delete option when you are no longer in the world. This method allows to remove all Google accounts like Gmail, Drive, Google photos, Hangouts and more. So, you need not worry of someone stealing your identity, this features of Google will completely delete all accounts. With the help of Google Inactive Account Manager, you can not only set auto-delete option, and it even gives access to your Google account data to someone that you intended to have access but forgot to give them out login credentials. Irrespective of any reason that you stop accessing the Google account, Google is here to secure your bank account details, data files and many more info. Before using Google inactive accounts manager, find out what Google and Facebook know about you.

Delete Google Account

Everything About Google Inactive Account Manager

If you are using Google account, then probably at some point of time, you received a prompt to active Google inactive account manager. Designed to give out access to other person or deactivate the entire account, this feature is quite useful to make the account secured. Considering the importance of making your Google account be secured even after the user death, Google Introduced this awesome feature called Google Inactive Account Manager. This guides you of how and who to access your data after you stop accessing the account. Either share it with your family/friends or delete it permanently. Here are some of the Google services that you can either include or exclude while activating the feature.
– Google blogger
– Google Contacts
– Google+ Photos
– Google+ pages
– Google Drive
– Hangouts
– Gmail
– YouTube
-Google Voice and more.

Delete Google Account

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When asked to select, you can select the required area depending on each people you trust and the level of access they can gain. Google inactive account manager has the capability to make the account inactive after a certain period of time i.e., after a timeout period of three months, six months, nine months or 12 months or 18 months. Before it makes the account inactive, it notifies specific trusted contacts and in extreme cases, it deletes the entire account. Moreover, Google even sends out text or email messages before taking out such actions. If Google is preferring for the complete deletion, then all the online data in the above-specified areas gets wiped off. As for now, this excellent security service is available only for the personal accounts.

Though the Google account users may be worried of inadvertently getting their account to disable for no reason after certain period time, Google assures that it takes into consideration many other activities like web history, Gmail usage, sign-in details and many more factors. It is not only Google that features such kind of feature, even the popular social-networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and other accounts offer such features. It just differs in the way they implement in dealing with deceased user data. There even exists some third-party apps that offer the same feature.

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Activating Google Inactive Account Manager to Auto-Delete Google Account After Death

Step 1: Log in to Google account and go to ‘My Accounts’.

Step 2: Click on ‘Personal Info & Privacy’ and search for the Google ‘Inactive Account Manager’.

Step 3: On the bottom end, there is an option of ‘Change This Setting’. Click on the option and click ‘Start’ for set auto-delete for Google account.

Delete Google Account

Step 4: On this page, you will find several options which you need to select based on your need and interest. The first thing to choose from is the time period after which the account should be made inactive. This ranges from 3 months to 18 months.

Step 5: Also, make sure to give out email address, phone number or any other recovery mail details, as these can be used to alert you before making the account inactive.

Step 6: Once all the required details are given, click on ‘Next’.

Step 7: This window lets you choose who to notify & what to share. Choose up to 10 trusted contacts to whom the notification should be sent and what data they can download. While some of the settings are optional, some settings are quite mandatory to set auto-delete of your Google account on PC or smartphones.

Step 8: Click on ‘next’ to continue. Here comes the final step to configure auto-deletion. Once the account becomes inactive, it asks if the account needs to be deleted. Just activate the radio button beside the option to set auto-delete Google account.

Step 9: Before confirming, just click on ‘Review Plan’ and confirm plan to make it activated.

Delete Google Account

Once the Google inactive account manager is made active, Google will contact you before making it as inactive. Later, it automatically deletes after a certain period of time from the day it became inactive. One thing to be noted is, this feature works only for the personal accounts. If you are an account holder of the Google Apps account, then this might not work as technically it is the company that owns the account. Finally, the Google inactive accounts manager allows gives you the feasibility to set an auto-response for all e-mails that you receive after the account is deleted. Make sure to log in to the Google account and activate the Google inactive account manager to keep the data secure even if you no longer on the track.

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