How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

November 8, 2018

Did you ever think of deleting Facebook account permanently? Of course! Yes! Many of us due to several reasons want to delete our account. It could be a security issue, privacy threat, want to spend less time online or any reasons. Be informed that deleting Facebook account is a relatively simple process to do. Most of the people are unaware of this fact and they continue with the account forcefully. Being the biggest social network online, you will find numerous profiles who post their life activities regularly. Not all of us would be interested in maintaining such accounts. Moreover, we would like to enjoy what the real world is offering as a part of the entertainment. If in case, you are looking to delete Facebook account permanently, then read on the guide to know of how to permanently delete Facebook account.

Points To Consider Before You Delete FB Account Permanently

– Knowingly or unknowingly we may have used the Facebook account to login through several other applications. Since it is the easiest way to sign in, we often prefer this option to log in. Some of the applications like Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify and more. So, firstly remove access for all those apps that are linked with the Facebook account. To do so, go to settings on the Facebook page-→Apps, websites and plug-ins-→ Edit. Select Disable platform and now you can start deleting the apps linked with the account. Even Facebook is introducing a new portal for gaming enthusiasts.

-Also, ensure to remove activity history by navigating through activity log option.

delete facebook account permanently
– In case, you prefer to save the data such as photos, friends list, and other data, then take a backup of the data. Go to settings-→ General Account settings-→Download your information. Now, you will receive an email with a link to download archive. Save it to your downloads folder.

delete facebook account permanently
– It takes around 90 days for Facebook to delete all photos, videos, likes, comments, messages, posts, and everything stored. Other Facebook users won’t be able to access the account during the deletion process.

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Steps to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Below are the steps to follow if you are in search of information related to how to delete facebook account permanently.

Step 1: Login to Facebook account using email ID and Password.
Step 2: Go to the Facebook deletion page by navigating through this path
Step 3: Click on Delete My account. Clicking on it will open up the pop-up window.

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Step 4: Here, you will need to re-enter email address and password.
Step 5: Enter the captcha code and click on OK.

delete facebook account permanently
Step 6: Again it asks you for the confirmation through another pop-up window. Click on OK to delete FB account permanently. The complete account deletion takes up to 14 days. The account will be gone immediately after that particular time frame. Here is all you need to know about Facebook dating features.

delete facebook account permanently

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