How To Add Degree Symbol in MS Word

October 26, 2018

Degree symbol is used to designate temperature and at times while writing a document in MS word, it becomes mandatory to make use of symbol instead of writing in words. It is nothing but a small super-scripted circle that denotes even angles and graphical coordinates. And surprisingly there is no key on the Windows keyboard that lets you enter the symbol directly into the document. If you want to make use of the degree symbol in word then you can do it so either from the drop-down menu or by using the keyboard shortcuts. Want to know of how to add degree symbol in MS Word? Read on the guide to understand different methods of how to type degree symbol in word.

Method 1: How to Type Degree Symbol Using Ribbon

While making use of the keyboard shortcuts is a secondary task to consider, initially you can try out placing a degree symbol in word using ribbon.

Step 1: Go to the text document on your PC or laptop and place the cursor on the location in which you need to add the symbol.

Step 2: Click on Insert-→Symbol-→More symbols.

Step 3: Select the required text font from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Scroll through different symbols to choose degree sign and click on Insert.

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degree symbol in word

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Method 2: How to Type Degree Symbol In Word Using Key Combination

One of the easiest methods to add degree symbol in a word is to use different key combinations. The unique combination of Ctrl+@ followed by pressing the space bar gives out the degree symbol. Though you can easily copy paste the symbol from any web page into the word, still it is quite better to use the keyboard shortcuts to get the degree symbol in word. Or you can use the standard keyboard shortcut Alt + 0176 from the 10-key numeric pad.

degree symbol in word

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Method 3: How To Type Degree Symbol Using Character Map

Step 1: Click on the start menu and search for the Character Map.

Step 2: Click on the Character Map program to open it. Now, check the advanced view option that is available at the bottom of the Window.

Step 3: In the search for the column, type in degree sign in the text box column. And click on search.

Step 4: This will give you out with the only symbol of degree on the Character Map Window.

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degree symbol in word

Step 5: Double-click on the degree symbol and click on copy.

Step 6: Now, go to the text document in which the symbol needs to be placed and paste the degree symbol by pressing Ctrl+V. Any other special character can be inserted using the same procedure.

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So, this is how to add degree symbol in MS word. So, use these simple methods to overcome the challenging task of inserting special symbols into the word document.

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  • i always wondered like how to use such special characters in files , while preparing projects and work reports i wanted by place degree symbol and i dint know hoe to do that , i managed some how and this blog was really interesting and helpful to me.

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