How to Convert PNG Photos to JPG Without Losing Quality

June 13, 2018

PNG or Portable Network Graphics is one of the popular alternatives to GIF format to save image files. Apart from offering additional features, it even packs in the features of both the GIF and JPEG formats. Images are the main key for any website as it is the main source that can attract customers very easily. So, it is quite important to insert the best quality image as in some cases it acts as a face of your website. And most of the websites either support PNG or JPEG/JPG formats. At times, you may require to share the image that contains only text, and PNG is good to go in such cases. JPG is the format to prefer while uploading portrait images. While some images come in perfect size, some require you to resize which may result in losing image quality. And to avoid such consequences, it is good to use the best method for PNG to JPG converter online that doesn’t show any effect on image quality. Here are few methods that act as JPG converter whenever you required.

Method 1: Using PNG2JPG Converter

If you are looking for the best free download tool to convert PNG to JPG format, then here is a PNG2JPG tool to accomplish the task for you. With easy to use interface, and multiple image conversions, it is said to be one of the best and popular conversion tool.


Step 1: To start with, visit PNG2JPG website and click on upload files

Step 2: Select required files that need conversion. Also, there is an option to drag and drop files to upload.

Step 3: Once uploaded successfully, the process of conversion automatically starts.

Step 4: After conversion, just click on “Download All” button to save the converted images on to your PC.

Method 2: Using MS Paint

Converting PNG to JPG is no more a hassle with the handy tool in Windows. Yes, MS-Paint is here to do the conversion without showing any impact on quality of an image.


Step 1: Pick the image that needs conversion, and right click on the image.

Step 2: Choose Open With and select paint as a tool to open the image

Step 3: Go to File menu on the top left corner on the paint window and click save as option

Step 4: From the drop-down menu, choose JPEG picture format

Step 5: Click on save to convert and you will have an image in JPG format.

Method 3: Using Photoshop

One of the most convenient tools to convert PNG to JPG online is Photoshop. Being feature-rich, the tool is not set out to be free. You need to spend some extra bucks to use this editing software on Windows.


Step 1: Launch Photoshop and open PNG image that needs to be converted.

Step 2: Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S together to save it on the web page. Or, you can navigate to File → Save For Web.

Step 3: Now, select the required file format to save and in our case, we need to prefer JPG from the menu.

Step 4: Click on save and choose the path to place the image.

Method 4: Using Third-Party tool- XnConvert

Apart from the common tools available on our PC or laptop, there exist some third party tools like XnConvert that can convert PNG to JPG with an ease. It is a powerful tool that can convert images into different formats. One of the interesting features is batch processing and scripting.


Step 1: Download and install XnConvert to launch it on your PC.

Step 2: Click on Output tab, to do the necessary settings. Here, you need to choose the location to save an image after conversion and even need to customize other setting based on your requirement.

Step 3: Now, revert to Input tab and select the image that needs conversion. Later click on “Add files” that allows you to see thumbnails of images. Here you can select multiple files that need to be converted from PNG to JPG.

Step 4: Click on “Convert” that is shown at the bottom of the window.

Step 5: Once the conversion is done, you will find all the images in JPG format in the location that is specified in Output settings.

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