5 Best Compass App For Android In 2018

November 21, 2018

Is there anyone out there who used an actual compass? If so, how long it has been since it was last used? Since 1880, as the generations passed, we never knew where the old compass has ended up. It is a major instrument that shows directions and is a necessary equipment while going on a journey. What if there no actual compass handy? In these recent days, smartphones hold everything that we need and they are portable in nature. Since they are carried everywhere, the advancement in the technology gave a path to the online compass app for Android that serves the same purpose. Here, are some of the best compass apps that you can download on a smartphone.

Altimeter GPS Pro

One of the efficient Kompass app for Android that is capable enough to do everything that you acquire from a navigation app is Altimeter GPS pro. One of the interesting features to talk about is the availability of a variety of maps to use along with the compass. You have the option to choose from standard topo maps, hybrid maps or aerial photography to get the proper assistance of the route. It also tracks speed, distance, time, direction, location and also allows to share the data via email. It is free to download but the interface may seem a bit complicated for beginners.

compass app for android

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Compass Galaxy

Developed by Szymon Dyja, the Compass Galaxy is one of the few working compass apps around the internet. Unlike other applications, it features a simple user-friendly interface that lets everyone to access the application. Moreover, this applications doesn’t demand any unnecessary permissions to make use of a compass. So, if you ever feel lost then just download the Compass Galaxy app on the phone with a magnetic sensor to go through.

compass app for android

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Compass 360 Pro

The best compass app for Android that is free to download from Google Play store is Compass 360 Pro. While some of the compass apps are limited to access for certain countries, Compass 360 Pro is available everywhere and can be accessed on any location. Probably, this factor makes it the best and popular app around. Like other apps, even this demands to have a magnetic sensor on the mobile to get actual directions. It can be used for most of the outdoor activities such as picnics, camping, boating, travel and more.

compass app for android

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Accurate Compass

As with the name, the accurate compass app for Android renders accurate results. It offers intuitive user interface along with a 3D view. Also works similar to a regular compass to find the directions, geo-location and more. This app is good as long as you have a magnetic sensor on your device. Considering the easy to use interface, Accurate compass becomes a wise option for beginners as well as kids. For those looking for a compass app without many frills, this one is for you!

compass app for android

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Digital Field Compass

In some instances, we don’t require all those additional features that a compass app offers. We just look for a simple app that let to navigate through with an ease. Here comes the need of the Digital field compass that is a very lightweight app and even consumes less battery. It doesn’t come up with fancy backgrounds that take up enough battery power. However, it features an amazing nighttime mode which ensures perfect night vision. This compass app is a great choice for those looking for just a compass and nothing more.

compass app for android

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