Canon EOS Rx Rumours, Specs, Price And Release Date

November 19, 2018

The striking appearance of Canon EOS R into the mirrorless digital camera category was hitting the market at an exponential rate. Now, keeping up with the tradition of bringing breakthrough digital cameras every year. Canon is now bringing distinctive features to its successor, Canon RX. Also named as Canon R PRO/ Canon R2, the flagship camera is speculated to bring futuristic variations to mirrorless camera category. Let’s get deeper into the specifications and comprehensive knowledge of Canon’s innovative camera technologies.

Canon EOS R


Canon’s first flagship digital Full Frame mirror-less camera series strikes out to be the most noticeable trend in the history of digital camera line. Now the Japanese optical product manufacturing leader is bringing up a high-speed mirrorless camera with HDR imaging to enhance 4k videography. Subsequently, Canon is also bringing four new lenses that are speculated to be around RF 24-105mm f/4 or RF 24-70mm f/2. The company is now focusing on low-noise camera sensors as compared to high resolution.

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Canon EOS

Canon EOS RX Sensor and Autofocus

Canon Rx is speculated to have 20.2 megapixels CMO Sensor giving HDR images to boost up image’s contrast ratio making it’s color-sensitivity stronger and up to the mark.  The sensor will have resemblance with EOS-1D X Mark II structure but the compatibility would be made for mirrorless cameras to have better-enhanced pictures. Not only that, possibly there will be Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus technology in it to make smooth, better performing images with speedy autofocus system making you take millions of still photos from your Live Video mode. They are better performing than any PDAF or Hybrid AF images. Moreover, Its Dual Pixel System helps you divide the lights into a pair of images to help it make a contrasting shot. Canon Rx is probably going to have 5655 Auto Focus points or more than.

Moreover, Canon Rx in Dubai would be the trendiest mirrorless digital camera due to its DIGIC 8 processors. The subject tracking system in it would have better contrast detection and faster shooting speed with more of high-ISO and low-noise specs to produce clean images in a shorter span.Canon Rx


If you compare Sony A9 that excels in hitting clear-cut 20 fps images in Live Video Mode, with Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, you would realize that Sony stands ahead of full frame Canon Rwith captivating colors and better in-camera HDR. We are expecting Canon Rx in Dubai to hit a speed of 20 fps or above to beat Sony in competition with its explicitly stunning buffer capacity.

Based on the analyst’s viewpoint, Canon Rx specs might include ISO ranging from 100-204,800 in standardized mode while 50-1,640,000 in an expanded mode to tone down the sensitivity to -6EV. This would make Canon Rx in UAE a whopping hit.

Though Canon’s biggest hit has EOS R has fps of 30, 25 and 24, we are expecting it to have continuous shooting rate at up to 60/50 fps with 8 bit increased dynamic range.  The spotlight of a mirrorless camera, distinguishing it from DSLRs is its comparatively light body weight with faster and better video resolution while being more affordable than  DSLRs. It would be a perfect package for photographer and videographer with better lens adjustment of bigger lenses that seem difficult to carry around with heavy DSLRs due to their bulkiness. We hope to see in-body image Stabilization in it that was missing out in its previous version. Apart from that, better and enhanced video resolution with cropped 4k video content is also expected from the new EOS Rx or EOS R2 with complete articulation provision in its screen. Catching up with Sony’s game-changing cyber shot series along with its market-leading product Sony RX100 VI, let’s hope Canon brings some exciting new mirrorless series that we are waiting for.

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Canon R2

Canon Rx Price in Dubai

Canon Rx price in Dubai is speculated to be higher than Canon Rx due to its Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus system with ISO range in order to provide high-quality images.

Canon Rx Release Date

The futuristic digital Camera Canon R is probably going to be released soon in the first quarter of 2019, just before the launch of CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show.

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