The Best Calender apps for iOS and Android

December 6, 2018

Smartphones help organize life in different ways due to which they become a must-have device for every one of us. Of many useful tools that the latest mobile phones offer, calendars are one such necessary tool that replaces the need to carry paper calendars. Being so important in our everyday life, it becomes quite mandatory to choose a good calendar app Android. It lets to remember the things that you often forget such as birthdays, meeting time, parties, priorities if any and other important personal goals. Though the smartphones come up with a built-in calendar app, at times it may not seem to be a sufficient or effective choice for our needs. So, if you are in search of something more, then the Internet world is flooded with several third-party calendar apps that can accomplish your task. While some of them are free to download on smartphones, some require you to pay a few bucks. However, all the apps listed out are proved to be the best calendar apps for Android and iOS. So, you have the option to try one or other to make your life easier.

Google Calendar

The most familiar calendar app that carries similar look as other Google applications is Google calendar app. It easily gets integrated with other calendars and lets to view by day, week or month. Also, create schedules, reminders, and other priorities that you seem to forget in your busy lifestyle. Thanks to the super fast predictive system which makes it easier to enter the details. Add contextual images to the event added thus making it quite easier to recognize the event instantly using the Google Calendar app.

calendar app

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The best calendar app that allows navigating through calendar views and other increments of time with an ease is aCalendar. This strategy would make it easier to navigate through the app and in turn, even saves time. Just swipe right/left to change between different views such as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Swipe up/down to move backward or forward in time. A simple double tap can immediately change the calendar view to day view. Also, add an event with an ease by going through simple steps. It also includes customization features, tasks, themes, Google calendar support and access to special stuff.

Calendar app

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Combining the features of all the best calendar apps around, TimeTree is something unique to download on the smartphone. Considering the features offered, it is claimed to be the perfect option for small businesses or even seem to be helpful in the family. Those busy parents around can now schedule the reminders of their kid activities and never miss out any. Interestingly, it allows all the members to chat within this calendar app to discuss events, change scheduled appointments accordingly. It also integrates with other calendars too. To keep track of the events easily, you can even choose different colors for the events, meetings and more.

Calendar app

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Business Calendar 2

Don’t get confused with the name! Though the name suggests it to be applicable to business people, it is not true. This is not intended for business professionals, it is for everyone who is in need of the best calendar app. However, unlike other calendar apps, the design may not seem to be colorful or appealing, it is just more than a calendar app that gets the job done with an ease. It includes everything such as event calendar, task management, reminders, holidays and birthdays support, and many more to access. Also, there is an option to place several widgets on the home screen to show the list of events accordingly. One of the notable features of the calendar app is heat map. When in yearly view, this feature makes it easier to look for the free days that doesn’t have any plans, events or tasks.

Calendar app

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Another best and effective calendar app to download on your device is CalenGoo. It offers a bunch of features including Google calendar support, exchange calendar support and many more. Though it doesn’t offer extraordinary features, all the basic features offered works effectively. Even it provides the user with the calendar sharing feature which is something interesting. This makes it a wise option for working professionals or for the family. You can choose the free trial period but it has limited features. Go for the pro version to get additional features as required.

Calendar app

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