Bring the Theatre Home

May 5, 2016

Let’s face it. A trip to the cinemas with the family, has become an expensive affair these days. Take into consideration the ever-increasi ticket charges, parking fees, the considerable amount at the concession stand (especially when your kids have a hearty appetite), and your little outing is bound to blow a hole in your pocket.

Instead, why not create your own personal theatre at home? With your own Home-Theatre System, you can have Family Movie Night within the comfort of your home. Just throw in a popcorn maker and an assortment of snacks, a couple of recliners, maybe lights that go on and off with a clap, and you can have the ultimate theatre experience. It’s a lovely way to spend time with the family, and is also a good entertainment option when you have friends over.


A Home Theatre System even saves you the hassle of dressing up for the movies. You can lounge on your couch in your rattiest PJs, and go on a movie-watching spree. And, you have the freedom to choose your content. You can watch any movie of your choice, of any era and genre, at any time of the day. No longer will you be bound by Movie Theatre schedules. By setting up your own Home Theatre system, you’ll be a free bird that’s spoilt for choice.

The big screen will give life to your visuals, immersing you in the movie completely. And the sound system will emit loud, rich audio to enhance the experience all the more. Every little sound will be captured, and amplified. The sound of rain drops falling, the rustle of dry leaves, the ticking of a clock… you can even sense the direction from where shots are being fired. It’s that perfect.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a movie either. You can even gather your friends around, and catch the match. It’s so much better than sitting in a crowded, sticky stadium, where the players will be a mere speck in the distance, owing to sitting miles away from them. And where over-enthused fans tend to drench you in their soda. Plus, comfortable seating. That’s a big perk in itself.

So bring your movie theatre/stadium/arcade, home, by setting up a Home Theatre System, today. The choice is yours. No more jostling at the ticket counter. No noisy crowds. No long lines at the concession stand. And the choice to take a break at your own time. It’s the ideal entertainment package.

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