BMW X6 2019 Review

December 16, 2018

BMW AG, a German multinational automobile giant has been the well-known manufacturer of elegant and luxurious automobiles with a new wave of innovative ideas that they showcase in their high performing cars, motorbikes and also in the aircraft engine that they used to manufacture until 1945.  The Sheer ecstasy that BMW provides in their exceptionally performing cars has gone beyond the limits. This year, BMW makes a thriving comeback with the latest advancement in its BMW X6 2018 car with striking looks and state of the art body that you haven’t seen anywhere. Let’s tug deeper into BMW X6 2019 review and specs to know more about this breath-taking beauty.

BMW X6 2019 Specifications

The smooth and sleek silhouette with a finishing coupe line and a two-part crease line in BMW X6 2019 makes it stand out in all other mid-sized luxury crossovers who are determined to bring out-of-the-box features in their exclusive automobile collection. Ranked £19 is Mid bracket SUVs of luxurious automobiles in US News and Report,  BMW 2019 review shows that this mesmerizing car has a potent engine and user-friendly infotainment mechanism that you won’t find elsewhere.  While lacking in Subpar Cargo space due to which you can’t store much of your backpacks in it for the long run, the mesmerizing features like Apple CarPay making you pay for your bills in a blink of an eye along with the facility to have blind spot monitoring is a delightful treat for all the auto-enthusiasts out there who were craving for since ages.  The 5 seat plan with 300-567 horsepower showing that the car is high on performance which is agile movement even when we cross rough and curvy roads.  Even BMW X6 used is a perfect shot for all the auto-enthusiasts who would like to get their hands on a 2-row SUV BMW X6 2019 car which is capable of driving even on paved and gravel areas where the smoothness of any other car backfires in their riding quality.

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BMW X6 2019 For Sale – A better option or not

While many other luxurious mid-range SUV cars would have better external features, BMW X6 2019 facilitates you with lane departure and forward collision warning give you protective functioning features that help you drive through hazardous roads.  BMW X6 2019 is stuffed with a blend ofCerium Grey and black color with the illuminated front doors that light up whenever you open them with stainless steel protect of the running board giving it a powerful appearance. Along with all the delightful Specifications, the LED in double rounded headlights gives a clear view whenever you experience fog or some kind of precipitation while traveling on your way with a low energy consumption that won’t affect the battery power of your car.

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BMW X6 2019 vs 2018

If you analyze BMW X6 2019 review with its predecessor model i.e. BMW X6 2018, you would be enlightened with the fact that the forbearer did not have a spacious back seat with Apple CarPlay, blind spot monitoring and many other specifications that are exclusively available in its recent model. Moreover, the indulgent interior and more jet space along with the sportiness of its four-door coupe and Design Extravagance make it a perfect travel partner if you prefer to have an automotive which is strong enough to drive on and off in curvy areas with eye-compelling features while making you dread for it. Moreover, the comfortable seats and long legroom helps you drive in an enthusiastic manner without getting tired.

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BMW X6 2019 Price in Dubai

Though BMW X6 2019 price in Dubai lies at the top end of luxurious mid-range automotive. The new BMW X6 2019 price starts from 63957 AED which is slightly overpriced relative to other two-row-SUVs but the striking body and breakthrough features make it come over at top positions due to its user-friendly handling System. So, make your Christmas holidays a little brighter by buying your favorite BMG X6 2019.

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