How To Block Pop-Up Ads On Android Devices?

June 9, 2018

Pop-ups are one thing that annoys every smartphone user, especially when reading something really interesting or performing a task on your Android device. These pop-ups for ads show up everywhere, be it on a browser, gaming apps or any other app that you are using. Not only they hinder our task, but also cause distraction from the work you are doing that time. So, is there a solution to put a halt to this issue? Well, indeed there is a solution and we are here to give you some tips, which you can follow and block pop-up ads on Android devices.

Tips To Block Pop-Up Ads:

The following are some of the useful ways, which you can consider trying to get rid of the annoying apps on your Android smartphones, tablets or any other device running on this platform.

1. Change DNS:

It is possible to change the Domain Name Server which is simply called as DNS on your device. Generally, every device makes use of DNS to get connected to the internet by way of re-routing. For instance, with the Ad Guard DNS server, you will find some tips to stop pop-ups and block ads. In order to download this app,

→ Just open it and add a custom DNS.
→ Enter the following DNS addresses onto the two lines provided.

DNS 1:
DNS 2:

These are the DNS addresses for the Ad Guard DNS server.


2. Adblock Browser:

Try using the Adblock Plus on your Android device that gives you mixed results. This helps in removing pop up ads on Android. If not, you can also try the Adblock browser that is best known for blocking pop-ups. Not only it helps in blocking the pop-ups but also removes the banner as well as standard in-site ads. Hence, using this browser will fetch you the benefit of blocking all the ads.


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3. Block Pop-Ups In Chrome:

Of all the browsers available today, Google Chrome is extensively used by people across the globe. Hence, you can try keeping this browser away from all the annoying pop-up ads appearing on the screen. In order to do this,

→ Open Google Chrome and click on the three-dotted menu icon.
→ Choose Settings → Site Settings → switch the slider.

Also try to turn on Data Saver, which helps compress pop-ups, ad banners and many other different aspects of a page. To try this,

→ Go to Settings→ More→ Data Usage→ Data Saver and turn it ‘On.’

34. Scan Your Device For Malware:

Adware is one example that delivers ads as well as pop-ups automatically. If your device has any sort of anti-virus, then ensure that it is configured and perform automatic scans. In this case, just select the program and scan it manually so that the pop-ups are not a malware. You can take help of different websites to scan your Android tablet or phone effectively. Some sites will offer manual scans for a virus that you can perform directly from the website.


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5. Pop-Ups On Apps:

Being an Android user, it is common that you install a number of apps on your device. So it is certain to get pop-up ads whenever you use an app. If you have recently installed an app and since then noticing the regular pop-ups, then you must understand that the app is causing this issue. In such situations, it is advisable to uninstall the app immediately. If not, you can also check every potential app and follow the process of eliminating pop-ups one by one till they stop appearing.

There are few apps to block ads on your device AdBlock Vs AdBlock Plus – Which Is The Better Ad Blocker 2018.


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  • its true that repeated ads and pop ups are so annoying and irritating, now its pretty simple to block pop ups and ads . in browsers like chrome you get a option of blocking and unblocking certain websites and Block Pop-Up Ads On Android Devices but for more accurate operation you better install extensions or applications in your device.

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  • Google does a pretty good job about keeping pop-up windows under control in its Chrome browser. A sea of pop-up windows invading your traditional browsing experience indicates a problem. Thankfully, we have a few tricks up our sleeve for dealing with these annoying advertisements, and they don’t take much time – or know-how – in order to set up.

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  • By default, Google Chrome blocks pop-ups from automatically showing up on your screen. Not all pop-ups are ads or spam. Some legitimate websites display web content in pop-up windows.but still pop ups are irritating and create lot of mess to the work its better to use a adblocker instead to make your browser ad free .its really simple removing pop up ads on android.

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  • Few things are more annoying than when you settle in to read an interesting article you’ve found while surfing on your Android device only to have a ginormous pop-up fly around the screen and block your view. It’s time to make it stop. adblocker is the best way for removing pop up ads on android.

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  • Its really annoying to bear to many ads and popups forcefully.these days in the name of marketing you find number of ads popping up on your screens ,browsing websites and even in apps if they are not premium versions. Dont worry about How To Block Pop-Up Ads On Android Devices
    simple,just install a ad blocker to your device,app if its a mobile or extension if its a laptop or pc.

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  • Few ads and pop ups on the screen are Okay eventually ,but if the pop ups come repeatedly then its really irritating . these days due to adsense and several other advertisement strategies we get lot of irrelevant and unnecessary ads and popup’s which almost covers 50 % of the screen , which is more inconvenient ,so its best to removing pop up ads on android using few apps.

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  • using the Adblock Plus on your Android device helps in removing pop up ads and it also removes the banner as well as standard in-site ads.Guys please find other easy methods to block pop-ups from . its too irritating to see too many pop up’s on your screen ,most of the pop ups will be ads ans irrelevant news updates which you have nothing to do with. This blog is really good to know How To Block Pop-Up Ads On Android Devices.

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