BlackFly – The First Flying Car To Arrive Soon

July 14, 2018

It is not far way when we will actually get to see and even use a flying car. Recently, the popular taxi service Uber has displayed its prototype of an electric flying taxi, which is named – Uber Air. Probably, it is Uber which came up with the concept of flying taxis. But that doesn’t stop other companies to bring their flying cars into the market. And Opener is one such company that is already working on a real flying car named BlackFly.

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About BlackFly Flying Car:

The real flying car that we might actually get to see is the BlackFly. The opener is a Silicon Valley company that has been working on this air vehicle for not less than nine years. With this product, the company makes a promise of turning the personal aviation cheaper and convenient. Reports about the BlackFly flying car are indicating it to be an electric aircraft.

A few details about the upcoming flying car Dubai have come out. Based on the sources, the BlackFly flying car will have eight propellers incorporated to power up the vehicle. These propellers will again be attached to two winglike pylons, which replace the front and rear axles as in a car. Each of these pylons will be fitted with four propellers. Sources state that this real flying car is designed to take off vertically and then changes to a forward flight with the support of the wings. Besides, the tips of the wings will also feature vertical fins that help in steering. However, it will be mostly the work of propellers which will help in operating the flying car appropriately. Looking at the flying car video here, it is clearly noticeable that the air vehicle is capable of moving a lot of air.

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On the other hand, this flying car 2018 UAE concept looks almost similar to the scaled-up drone. Reports state that the BlackFly flying car has been through hundreds of autonomous tests with pilots onboard. Based on the test flights, the flying car is capable of flying for up to 25 miles at a speed of 62mph. Although the technical and battery specifications might further need a boost, yet this idea of flying car 2018 brings along several benefits.

What’s most impressive and promising about the flying car concept is the ease of use as well as the flying car price UAE. According to the developers working on this air vehicle, it is not just pilots but even ordinary people can easily learn to operate and even fly it in a matter of minutes. In addition to this, it is also being said that the BlackFly flying car price in UAE will be almost the same as an SUV. This indicates that the BlackFly flying car price in Dubai might not be as expensive as we may assume. Moreover, sources state that a pilot’s license is not required to fly this vehicle but buyers will have to finish a familiarization course and give a standard written exam for FAA Private Pilot licenses.

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