Black Friday Sale 2018 in Dubai

November 6, 2018

There are only a few things in life which brings the ultimate happiness and to the common perception, shopping is one of that. What could be more interesting to that if you may find an event which permits you to shop unlimited without having a second thought of price tag? Well, let’s quickly burst this good news that Black Friday Sale 2018 is an event which delivers a lot of sales of supreme brands through various platforms, however, e-commerce or simply online shopping is one of that medium in which Awok dominates with the superlative Black Friday offers. Further, amazingly the Black Friday 2018 has become the prominent event where you will have the chance to avail the discounts through the incredible deals moreover the variety of branded products, electronics and gadgets await for you.

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 Get Ready For the Biggest Sale Event of 2018:

Luckily you are at the right place to know more about this extensive and biggest sale of the year 2018 which is soon going to be happening.  Black Friday in UAE is celebrated through the offers of massive discounts and captivating concessions whereas, it has the aura of joy and festivity as it proposes mega sales on almost every popular brand. The question pop-ups in mind that what is this Black Friday in Dubai and how come it has become an advance success eventually turned out to be one of the famous sale occasions. Moreover, some retailers have modified it into the Black Friday Sale 2018. To sort out all of your confusions lets have a brief introduction to the White or Black Friday sale in Dubai for the potential customers who are anticipated for this upcoming event additionally don’t forget that Awok would be the best online shopping manifesto in this event.


Black Friday Sale in UAE:

It is one of the popular and gigantic year events of sales, discounts, offers, deals and during this time of the year the world famous brands all over the globe offers huge discounts on online platforms and in stores as well.  The  Black Friday in UAE discount offers ranges up to 90% on various product categories including the apparel, shoes, bags, perfumes, and watches in the fashion segment whereas, smartphones, laptops, tablets and gadgets in the electronics segment on Awok. People wait for this time of the year to buy their favorite high-end products at very low prices.

When is Black Friday 2018 in UAE:

The Black Friday sale date varies every year because it depends upon the following Friday of American Thanksgiving Day. It is for the initiation of the Christmas to buy the gifts for the loved ones. In 2018 with respect to the Thanksgiving Day, the Friday which will land as the Black Friday in Dubai would be on 23 November 2018. The Black Friday deals will let you shop for all friends and family members within the budget by saving up a whopping amount.

Awok Mega Sale of Black Friday 2018 | Bundles of Great Discounts:

This event is almost on the head and we have the details for you that from where you could have the most amazing and optimum deal. Awok is one of the top online shopping stores that would be offering the hefty discounts in all the categories.  The Black Friday in Dubai would bring the astonishing and intriguing sales in which Awok have the highest discounts over electronics and home appliances as if you were one the customer anticipated for this event to buy the latest smartphone this would be the right time for you. The freshly released smartphones would be on sale up to 60% and even more than that on Awok subsequently you can buy Apple iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Huawei Mate 20 Pro or Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro in almost half price. The Laptop, Tablet, TV, Cameras, Automotive and Sports category is also going to be on up to 40% discount on Awok whereas, the gadgets like Apple Watch Series 4 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm would be on the very low rates with the maximum discount offered on the Black Friday in UAE.  Besides all that there is almost 50% off on the Jewellery, Clothes, Cosmetics, Stationery, Toys and Kitchen appliances, in short, this is the ultimate event to shop for rest of the year as the Black Friday in Dubai is bringing up a lot to buy and a lot to save as well.

Awok Black Friday 2018 Offers | Save up to 90%:

The leading online shopping website Awok has ultimately a lot for you to serve as here you can have the various Black Friday discounts 2018 or Black Friday sale online variations to avail the maximum off including Black Friday latest deals, Black Friday offers,  Black Friday best deals and Black Friday flash sale. Interestingly Awok not only offers the mega discounts and deals but it has the Black Friday flash sale as well in which the latest smartphones, laptops, tablets, and gadgets could be purchased at the very low prices as it would be offering to save up to 90%. The regular flash sale might be on selected gadgets but the Black Friday flash sale is huge offering the freshly released latest gadgets in minimum prices. The Black Friday 2018 on Awok not only offer sales but there are mega deals of 1 AED which is the most popular already but on Black Friday event the number of deals would increase from 2 to 5 and you can buy any daily usage product, home and kitchen appliances, electronics, gadgets or anything in just 1 AED, isn’t it amazing enough so be prepared for the biggest sale event of the year.

Connect to Awok App and Avail the Amazing Deals:

Awok not only delivers the best of the Black Friday deals, offers and discounts but it also tries to make it easier and convenient for its customers to serve in the best possible way. As a load of traffic expected to be high during the event, we suggest you download the Awok shopping app into the smartphone so you can order through the mobile app as well without any hassle.


Best Way to Shop for Black Friday in UAE:

These are the few things to keep in mind for this upcoming Black Friday in Dubai, prepare your recent wish list as you are about to get the monstrous discounts on almost everything. Do a quick go through or review of the recent price tags of your wish list products to know that how much discount you would avail. Keep visiting to know the announcement initiation of Black Friday sale in Dubai. Grab the system or phone to order online as soon as you can when the sale starts at the best prices would be valid for that sale event only. Good Luck!!

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  • Recently ordered my favorite iPhone 8 from AWOK and the order was delivered within a day. Very excited for this Black Friday Sale! AWOK has been one of the best e-commerce site on which I can gladly rely. Anxiously waiting to buy my favorite accessories from it on their Black Friday Sale 

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  • Omg, such amazing news, really excited for Awok black Friday sale. This is something really huge 97% off, looking forward to it. I have already availed many offers through 1 AED deals now this upcoming sale seems so incredible. Awok has become my favorite online store in Dubai as it gives good opportunities to shop and its deals are always great.

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