Best XBox One Accessories to Prefer in 2018

May 22, 2018

Whether you are playing on a PlayStation 4, Xbox, or a Nintendo games, there is a need for gaming accessories that can make your gaming experience much better than ever. For the latest trending gaming sets, buying accessories seems to be mandatory. Considering the importance, here we have covered the accessories of the major gaming system Xbox One. Microsoft Xbox one games have no lack in offering its own accessories. So, here let us have a look at few of the best Xbox one accessories that you can prefer to buy in 2018. If you already have an Xbox One gaming set or need to purchase Dubai Xbox games, here are best accessories that can take your gaming to an entirely new level. Choose the necessary accessory and have plenty of fun with Xbox one games.

Xbox One Elite Controller

The first and foremost Xbox one gaming accessory that you must prefer to have is Xbox One Elite Controller. As its name goes, this controller is designed for the gaming enthusiasts featuring plenty of new features. When compared to the traditional Xbox One controller, this Elite controller seems to be heavier with high-end built quality. On the rear end, there exist four metal paddles that are capable enough to execute complex maneuvers with an ease. Another attractive feature of the Xbox One Elite controller is its ability to customize everything.

XBox One Accessories

Xbox One Stereo Headset

Xbox One Stereo headset is one of the best stereo headsets around. Despite offered at the lowest price possible, this stereo headset is one of the affordable headset featuring the best quality microphone with good stereo sound. As expected with other official Microsoft products, this stereo headset also boats a minimal glossy exterior that goes well with your Microsoft Xbox One. With the high-quality foam around, this would be the best headset offering great comfort.

XBox One Accessories

Xbox One Chatpad

Chat with your friends, enter the required codes or search for an app without the need to leave the game. The Xbox One Chatpad is here to serve this purpose. Just plug in the chatpad into the wireless controller, the keypad along with headset audio controller will be right in your hands. Compatible with all the latest Xbox One wireless controllers, the chatpad offers a headset with a 3.5mm headphone jack. It is even compatible with Windows 10. Add new dimensions to your game by shopping for the best Xbox one chatpad.

XBox One Accessories

PDP Energizer Charge System

Often face problems to charge your game set controllers especially during journeys? Here is a PDP Energizer charge system that is capable enough to charge two wireless Xbox one controllers simultaneously. To know the charging statues even in low-light conditions, there are glowing LED lights to serve the purpose. The AC adapter included lets you to have quick charging. If you are having an Xbox one games, then you should definitely prefer to buy an energizer charge system. The Xbox one Dubai price will not include the Energizer charger. It should be purchased separately for quick charging. Always be ready to have fun by keeping your Xbox one controller charged.


Seagate Game Drive

Most of the Dubai Xbox one games ships in with 500GB of an internal hard drive. With each game file size being around 40GB, you may not be able to install enough games on your handset. Some of these best Xbox One games also use around 40GB of space to get it installed. Considering the necessity, Seagate is offering an external hard drive that can easily add up extra space to your gaming system. Adding more storage to Xbox One is no more hassle as in PlayStation 4. It is almost similar to plugging in the USB cable. Though there exists USB 3.0 external drive, it is always better to prefer 2TB Seagate game drive for your Xbox One. For the amount spent on the Xbox One price in UAE, it is better to choose the external drive offered at reasonable price. And, there is nothing better than to chose Seagate game drive.

XBox One Accessories

Portable Gaming Monitor

It is quite exciting to hear the existence of a portable gaming monitor that lets you carry around fun playing favorite Xbox games. The latest gaming accessories include the gaming monitor that features high definition resolution compatible enough for every graphical game. Being compact in nature, you can carry them wherever you go at any time. Carry the GAEMS G155 Sentry 15.5-inches HD LED display that is designed with full audio or video controls. With the ease of adjustment, you can be sure of adjusting the controllers at any time. There even exists a 3.5mm headphone jack. Apart from the Xbox One, this controller is even compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and other gaming sets via HDMI controller.

XBox One Accessories

Now that you have the best gaming accessory, check here for the 5 upcoming Xbox one games, PS4 games, & Nintendo switch games for 2018.

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