Best Windows 10 Themes In 2020

November 14, 2019

Surprisingly! There still exist many users who still don’t change their background on Windows 10. While the reason is completely unpredictable, but if you are lagging behind as you are unable to choose the best Windows 10 theme. Then, we are here for you to jot down the list of the best themes for Windows 10 PC or laptop. Don’t just have that same old Windows background on your system, just jazz up your computer with a cool Windows theme. Here, we brought up some of the best Windows 10 themes for your desktop which you can select according to your taste and interest.

World National Parks

Ever dreamed of taking a trip to the National park to countries like Canada, Newzealand, and more? Then the straight forward answer is “World National Parks” Windows 10 themes for PC. It features 18 images with the endow’s blue accent to the Windows screen. Just try it out to experience the appearance.

Windows 10 themes

GreyEve Theme

Well! We need to agree with the fact that the dark theme is the coolest of all. Moreover, there are quite easier to catch up than the bright themes around. With the numerous Windows 10 dark themes around, GreyEve is probably the best option.

Windows 10 themes

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3D Theme

Available on the ThemePack, the 3D theme on Windows 10 houses a 17 HD wallpapers. All these wallpapers give out the 3D graphics illusion and many of them are inspirations from spheres and cubes.

Windows 10 themes

Forest For The Trees

Want to have a look at those dreamy trees and the lovely scenery of the forest, then Windows 10 Forest for the trees. Find some peace in the tropical forest staying and working hard at the office. Download these images to make it as a desktop background. The collection looks completely magical. So, don’t miss out on these free Windows 10 themes.

Windows 10 themes

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Panoramic Landscapes

It is interesting to find that the desktop gives out the luxury to show off beaches, mountains, and forests. Apart from this, everything else appears pale. Panoramic Landscapes Windows 10 theme comes in with 10 images to let your PC display filled with panoramas of popular mountains and beaches around. However, remember the fact that it will cost around $0.99.

Windows 10 theme


The well-known aspect of the Mac operating system is its dock. It gives out quick access to all the apps that are frequently used. Get the MacOS dock on the Windows with the MacDock. If you are craving to get a mac feel, then it should make you feel good.

Windows 10 themes

Chicks and Bunnies

Want to have some bunnies on your desktop. Then this Windows 10 theme is for you! It is the evergreen spring with the baby animals spread out on the grass. There are almost 14 images of sweet bunnies to get into action.

Windows 10 themes


One of the best Windows 10 themes that carry the minimalistic look, still looks awesome on Windows 10 PC. With 16 version to choose from, 8 of those are of Flattastic Light theme and other are of the Flattastic Dark theme.

Windows 10 themes

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If you prefer simple themes, then there is nothing better than the Vanilla Windows 10 theme. It is simple yet beautiful and clear with blue sky and clouds in the background. Also, there is an interface that is nearly similar to the cloud service. Moreover, it is borderless, which means there are no borders defining edges which further enhances the overall look.

Windows 10 themes

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Meteor Showers

With the set of 18 images of Meteor showers for Windows 10, you have much to choose from. It gives out meteoric celestial events light up the entire sky adding up look to your desktop. Also, the blue accent on the open windows seems perfect with the overall appearance. Choose it to give a complete dynamic look to the desktop.

Windows 10 themes

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