Best Web Browsers To Install In 2019

March 27, 2019

One of the necessary tools we find in every PC and laptop is a web browser. Right now, a number of web browsers are available but Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are largely in use. Since everyone is aware of these two browsers, let us find out the others which you can try installing in 2019 considering the latest features they come with.

Web Browsers To Try In 2019:

1. Microsoft Edge:

Developed by Microsoft, Microsoft Edge is one of the popular web browsers that came out in 2015 for Windows 10. Later the company also released it for Android and iOS platforms in 2017. The best thing about this browser is it is fast, secure, and gives a better battery life. Microsoft Edge supports taking notes on web pages and 4K video streaming. Besides, it also comes with an integrated reading mode. In addition, the company also makes sure that there are no security breaches with the Edge browser.


2. Opera (New Version):

Another secure and innovative browser used by millions of people across the globe is Opera. What makes it highly preferred is it comes with a built-in ad blocker, free VPN and a battery saver. It offers social messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger that allow chatting as well as browsing simultaneously as these are built into the browser itself. This browser is compatible with different platforms and operating systems including Linux, Windows, and macOS and suitable for both smartphones as well as gaming devices.


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3. UC Browser:

Smooth browsing is something that the UC browser offers to PC users. It comes with improved security features that block the possible sources of malware and viruses to attack the system and assures secure browsing. Besides, it gets a built-in ad block feature and offers exceptional video streaming and download experience.

UC browser

4. Chromium:

If you are used to Google Chrome, then switching to Chromium should not be problematic. And the reason for this is, Googles takes the source code from Chromium for the Chrome web browser. The differences between Google Chrome and Chromium are very few, however, when it comes to speed, Chromium has an upper hand over the other.


5. Torch:

This list of web browsers of 2019 includes Torch, which is highly preferred by navigators in specific. Some of the features that make it the best pick include an integrated player, torrent manager, Media Grabber for video downloads, games and a touch facelift that lets you change the Facebook design as you like.


6. Opera Neon:

This is basically a concept browser that uses the same browser engine as the Opera browser. It reconceptualizes the conventional browser with an interface that resembles a desktop computer and offers complete screen coverage. It does not include any status bar, menu bar or a tab bar. Just a search bar appears to enter keywords or website URL when the browser is opened. Besides Opera Neon ensures strong web standards compliance and effective browsing tools.

opera neon

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