Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android.

October 5, 2019

Virtual Reality was hype around the globe. It started some years ago it still is very young in the industry. Virtual Reality is usually affiliated with the video games and entertainment. Most VR communities are in service of immersive and extraordinary gaming experiences that utterly aren’t possible via any other medium. The most impressive component about VR is that we’re still just scratching the surface and discovering new ways to educate and entertain ourselves. With that being in mind, we have a list of top-notch VR apps for your Android smartphone. But before jumping into the list, we will look into the main question that what is virtual reality.

Virtual reality

What is Virtual Reality?

First things first, it is the experience of the world that doesn’t in reality. You can go into a false land or a virtual world which feels real. Hence, this is known as virtual reality in easy words. We aren’t looking at getting yourself lost in a book or fantasizing about a photograph or painting in any case, regardless of whether these actually are additionally encountering a type of computer-generated reality.

The virtual reality apps, as we discussing is one made by PCs that enables you to encounter and communicate with a 3D world that isn’t genuine by putting on a head-mounted presentation and some type of info following. The showcase will regularly be part of your eyes, making a stereoscopic 3D impact with stereo sound, and together with the innovation and the info following, it will make a vivid, convincing knowledge, enabling you to investigate the virtual world being created by the PC.

Virtual reality apps

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Types of Virtual Reality Applications

Daydream Applications

Cardboard Applications

Gear VR

List of the Best Virtual Reality Apps

Google Daydream (Daydream)

Daydream is the first app that you need to install for Google Daydream headsets. It also works as a hub of all kinds of VR content. Moreover, the application capacities as a launcher for the majority of your current Daydream applications and games. The incorporates a library of VR applications and Chromecast support too. The application is still very buggy at many spots

Google Daydream app

However, Google releases reports on a reliable premise. You need this to match your Daydream headset to your telephone, at any rate, however, it does significantly more than that. The application is without altogether with no in-application buys, albeit a portion of the VR applications it prescribes may have a sticker price or in-application buys.

YouTube VR (Daydream)

For the list of best virtual reality apps, YouTube VR has to be in here. The app supports 180-degree to 360-degree videos although the stock version of YouTube is well too. You can sign in to your record, watch your memberships, and watch VR content. This is additionally accessible on the Oculus Store for the Samsung Gear VR so we prefer to exclude it on the Gear VR part of the rundown either. The normal, 2D variant of the application likewise works with Google Cardboard (and comparable VR headsets) locally, so this is one of the uncommon applications that work with all the fixings.

YouTube Virtual reality Daydream app

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Oculus Rooms (Gear VR)

The most powerful features of this application are its social elements. You can invite your friends to your Oculus Room and play mini-games with them. Hang-out, watch videos, and enjoy your leisure time. You can also customize some detailing in your room. This is an excellent introduction to Virtual Reality gaming and applications.

 Oculus Rooms virtual reality app

Wander (Cardboard)

Wander is basically a gaming app, but it has some educational purposes. It uses Google Street Map information to give you a chance to stroll the world over, truly. That incorporates visiting landmarks and milestones alongside other conceivably instructive substance. There is Wikipedia joining so you can make some intrigue realities about the different spots you visit. You can even go submerged now and again. This is a great app if you just want to chill and explore around.

Fulldive VR

Fulldive VR is a social platform for the cardboard and similar VR headset owners. Some features include YouTube integration, VR web browser, a VR gallery, a camera, a VR video player and a VR market place to find some good VR apps. All of these make a powerful application for Google Cardboard enthusiasts.

Fulldive VR

Final Verdict

Spending your time on virtual reality applications is pretty fun to do. There are a ton of different applications to experience the best VR world but these are the top favorites among the fanbase.

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