Top 5 Best Sprint Plans

December 20, 2018

One of the top cell phone providers in the United States is Sprint. Its lowest price makes it a popular choice. To agree with, though the services and coverage are not so good as other popular service providers like AT & T, Verizon, still, it has got huge attention considering its features and price offered. Unless you live in suburbs, the Sprint is one of the recommended options as it gives full bars at certain locations. The best Sprint cell phone plan is Unlimited plan that you can get for free an entire year, but it is a limited time deal. The basic Sprint plan is usually given for $60/month and features the customers with unlimited data, talk, and text. Being the largest networks in the nation, it offers some great deals so as to entice users in using their services. Here are some of the popular and best sprint plans that you can prefer.

Sprint Unlimited Basic Plan

The cheapest of all those Sprint basic plans out there is the Sprint Unlimited Basic Plan. One line on the plan costs $60 per month whereas two lines cost $100. In case the customer wishes to have an extra line then they will be charged $20 for each line. As the plan says, it features unlimited 4G LTE data with the speed getting reduced after you exceed 50GB of data. It also gives you 10GB of mobile hotspot data. So, whenever you are out of Wi-Fi network and are in an important project, then use this to power up internet connection. Even you are not on WiFi you get to experience HD video streaming.

best sprint plans

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Sprint Family Plan Deal

Currently, Sprint is featuring its customers a special promotion running until June 30, 2019. It gives up to five lines for just the price of two. This is quite impressive especially for those having kids. However, after the deal ends, obviously you need to pay full price even for all those additional three lines.

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Sprint Unlimited Plus Plan

For those looking for the upgraded version of the Sprint unlimited basic plan, Sprint offers the plus plan that costs $70 for the first line. And to get two lines you should pay a total of $120 per month. Three to five lines costs you $30 each for a month. In case you are paying full price for the new phone from Sprint then the price will cut down by $20 for each line you take. The Sprint Unlimited Plus Plan also offers unlimited 4G LTE data speeds that get throttled if the speed exceeds 50GB before monthly billing period ends. Being a plus plan, the video streaming now increases to 1080p resolution. Along with this, also get 15GB of LTE data for mobile hotspots.

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Sprint Unlimited Premium Plan

The recent Sprint plan introduced is Unlimited Premium plan which costs $90 per month in the first line. It does offer even “Unlimited” 4G LTE data, but the speed might get reduced once you cross 50GB of data before the monthly plan expires. In this plan, you can enjoy video streaming to 1080p resolution, unlimited talk, text, and 10GB of LTE data per month especially for the people in the US who often travel to Canada and Mexico. Furthermore, you get an added support to Amazon Prime free subscription along with the subscription to Lookout Premium Plus which is quite essential for mobile security as well as identity theft service. Interestingly, the subscription to this plan gives out the users with $20 credit every month for the Uber rides.

Best Sprint plans

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Sprint 2GB Plan

Apart from the unlimited data plans, Sprint even offers its users plenty of options even for those looking for smaller data plans. For those who rely less on the data plan and roam around in the WiFi coverage area, low data cell phone plan will be quite beneficial. So is the Sprint 2GB plan which is one of the best low data plan offering single line 2GB plan at a cost of $40 per month. AT this price, get unlimited talk, text as well as 2GB of LTE data a month. You need not worry about getting data overage, as once you have used the given data allotments, automatically the speed slows down until the end of your billing period. An additional advantage is you even get an extra 2GB mobile hotspot data.

best sprint plans

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