Best Smartphones Revealed So Far At CES 2020

January 12, 2020

CES is one of the biggest gatherings in the technological sector. So, you will find everything from artificial intelligence, 5G networking to smart home products. With almost 50 years of history, we get to see many innovations during the show. And CES 2020 is nowhere different as it brings in new tech products that attract many. While some of them come to live, others remain just a concept design. Let us talk about all those smartphones at CES 2020.

OnePlus Concept Phone

OnePlus brought in a Concept One with disappearing cameras. It uses a thin layer of electrochromic glass to make cameras disappear when not in use. Sound interesting! OnePlus thinks to be a decent solution for the latest camera setup. Also, the electrochromic glass cover can serve as a neutral-density filter that can help shoot scenes in extreme lighting conditions. However, the fact is that OnePlus is not in plans to sell the phone. Though not the concept, we may find electrochromic glass in the upcoming OnePlus phones, such as OnePlus 8T. 

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite and S10 Lite

Lite variants are quite common, and they come up with many tradeoffs and still charge the premium point. However, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is different with impressive specs. It features Qualcomm SD855 processor, 6/8GB of RAM, and a 4,500mA battery. Alongside, the Korean giant also introduced Galaxy Note 10 Lite with the S Pen stylus as in Galaxy Note 10. 

Galaxy S10 Lite

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TCL 10 5G

TCL at CES 2020 revealed a slew of smartphones. While all the handsets are with the Alcatel brand, a new TCL 10-series devices made its debut at the event. It is the brand in which the TCL is about to unveil the first 5G handset. Following the TCL Plex at IFA 2019, the company announced TCL 10, TCL 10 Pro, and TCL 10 5G. We don’t have any information about the handsets. TCL is planning to unveil the handsets at MWC in February. 

TCL 10 5G

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Teracube One

Phone makers and mobile carriers are working collaboratively to solve the 5G problem. In the meantime, Coolpad brought up the affordable 5G smartphone into the market. Once it releases, the Coolpad Legacy 5G will be one of the cheapest 5G smartphones. When it arrives in Q2 2020, it costs just $360. It is amazingly cheap than the premium price of the latest 5G devices. The Legacy 5G features a 6.53-inch FHD+ display, dual rear camera, 16MP selfie sensor, 4000mAh battery, and support for Pixelworks’ HDR technology. Not to forget, you are also getting 5G support. 

Smartphones at CES 2020

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CoolPad Legacy 5G

With 5G a future of smartphones, almost all major smartphone manufacturers are coming up with new 5G smartphones. And, even Coolpad brought in the Coolpad Legacy 5G at CES 2020. Moreover, it will be one of the cheapest phones to debut. It packs in decent internals for its price range of around 29,000. Other notable specs include 6.53-inch full-HD+ HDR10 display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 SoC with SD X52 modem for 5G connectivity. 

Coolpad Legacy 5G

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