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January 31, 2019

Looking to customize Windows PC or laptop so to change its overall look, then Rainmeter skins for Windows is the best option. For those who are not aware of what exactly is the Rainmeter is? Then let me tell you that Rainmeter is nothing but an application or a tool that allows the user to customize desktop and make it look more vibrant and appealing. Rainmeter Skins are the best skins or themes that you can get. Load your desktop with several useful things such as a clock, Email, processor usage, and more. Additionally, this powerful tool can be downloaded for free of cost. It is not just the tool that you need to download, you will also need the best Rainmeter themes so as to customize Windows PC. With a huge number of themes available, here we have listed out some of the best Rainmeter skins to get for your PC or laptop. This tool is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Jarvis- Iron Man

Get ready to have an IronMan Jarvis right into your phone with this Rainmeter skins theme. If you are a hardcore fan of the Iron Man then the Jarvis- Iron Man is something that you need to download. This popular theme features a lot of customization options along with different modules that let to align the position according to your need. Apart from this, it even displays some basic information on the Windows desktop screen such as hard disk space, clock, temperature, RSS feeds and more.

Rainmeter skins

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Here is the best Rainmeter skin with huge customizable options- Enigma. With over 100 customization options available, users have the feasibility to choose the one depending on their need and interest. Moreover, Enigma features a user-friendly panel thus making it easier to navigate through. Also, get widgets on the Enigma display including CPU and RAM usage, Multiple RSS feeds, Quick Notes, weather, clock, real-time active process and more. So, spare some time to find the best wallpaper that you require.

Rainmeter skins

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One of the stylish Rainmeter skins available is Tech-A. Though it is a little bit hard to get this skin. Surely the customization options included making it to the list of best Rainmeter skin Windows PC. Like all other Rainmeter skins, even the Tech-A displays tons of information on to the display. Such as CPU usage, clock, time, date, and many more but in a revolving path. Gain control of all the computer activities straight from the desktop with this minimal Rainmeter skin. Also, customize the skin so as to gain direct access to mandatory files and folders.

Rainmeter skins

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Download Razor Rainmeter skin to get a fully translucent glass-like skin for the Windows 10 PC or laptop. It comes in with a plethora of features right to your desktop. Just a simple click on the desktop allows to run them. Even there exists separate options to display shut down, restart, date, sleep, and every function has a circular spin. This particular Razor skin available in three different skins such as Glass, Dark & Light. It even gives the feasibility to get the Mac style look for your Windows PC.

Rainmeter skins

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Mass Effect

Since this theme is based on the popular BioWare’s famous game, Mass Effect has gained huge attention, especially from its crazy fans. So, if you are one of those who played this game that doesn’t involve much graphics then you should definitely try out Mass Effect skin. It looks similar to old generation games and features different modules such as media playback settings, time and date bar, control panel and more. All the functions included make it look and feel classy, so download and install it now to give your Windows PC a classy look.

Rainmeter skins

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