Best Nova Launcher Themes Of 2019

March 17, 2019

One of the best things that Android users can enjoy is to try different launcher themes. Besides, customization is another interesting thing which further allows users to experiment with wallpapers and other aspects. Right now, there are a plenty of themes and icon packs offered on the Google Play Store and the popular among them is Nova launcher themes.

So let us check out some of the Nova launcher themes and icon packs that gives the best Android experience.

Best Nova Launcher Themes:

1. Polycon:

One of the most popular Nova launcher icon packs for Android is Polycon, which has more than one million downloads. This launcher is based on the Google Material Design iconography that includes a number of additions. It includes over 800 Vector icons that are unique and vary. Users can download the Polycon APK version and get the latest themes on their devices.

nova launcher themes download nova launcher themes

2. Delta:

Delta is the top choice of most of the Android users as it comes with over 1400 icons and offers support for more than 20 launchers. Right from the minimalistic icons to the high contrast colors, there are a plenty of options for Android users to select from. Besides, it also includes light shade icons along with some wallpapers that completely changes the look of your Android device.

nova launcher themes download nova launcher themes

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3. Materis:

The unique material design aspect is what makes Materis a preferred choice of Android users. Most of the wallpapers and icon packs in Materis launcher are based on this design only. Especially, the icon packs are crafted beautifully with amazing shadows and color palettes. Materis launcher features more than 70 wallpapers and over 920 icons. In addition to this, users can also ask for more icon packs, calendars and regular updates.

nova launcher themes download nova launcher themes

4. Aris:

Aris is the perfect theme launcher for those who are interested to customize their phones with unique themes. This launcher presents more than 1400 icons that are creative, unique and features bold icons. Almost all the icons are of 220×220 pixels that look just great in HD and 4K resolution display. On the other hand, there also includes a few secondary features like dynamic calendar icons, quick search as well as frequent updates.

nova launcher themes download nova launcher themes

5. CandyCons:

Developed by Google, CandyCons is another effective theme launcher that is highly preferred for its material design, simplistic interface, attractive icons and more. In this theme launcher, the icons are highly detailed, has different color variants, and comes with an excellent collection of wallpapers.

nova launcher themes download nova launcher themes

6. Lines:

Lines launcher is just perfect for the users who prefer simple launcher themes and designs. It is based on the line design pattern for creating icons. The launcher has a minimalistic design and combines both black and white themes.

nova launcher themes download nova launcher themes

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