Best Night Mode Apps For Android

December 10, 2019

There is no day that goes without a smartphone. Be it reading email, browsing over the Internet, sending messages, watching videos or playing games. The vibrant screens on the smartphones emit blue light which can result in headaches and strains. This leads to another sleepless night especially after watching content for a long time. Here comes the need for the Night mode apps that can help block harmful light. While many Android and iPhones ships in with the blue light filter mode, some smartphones don’t feature the same. So, here we have listed out some of the best Night mode apps for Android.

Blue Light Filter

One of the popular Android night mode apps that top our list of best apps is Blue Light Filter. It is a great app that is perfect in every aspect. The app does a brilliant job of filtering out blue light. Attractive design combined with numerous filter options makes it an ideal choice. The Blue Light Filter offers various color temperature profiles that are neatly stacked up. Also, set the intensity, brightness, and timer. Activate the auto timer feature to auto-switch color profiles. You can pause the effect for 60 seconds when necessary.

blue light filter

Night Screen

The application that works efficiently to reduce the blue light effect is the Night Screen night mode app for Android. It reduces the screen brightness to less than the default settings. Also, it turns on a blue light mode at night for better sleep. Apply overlay filter to darken the screen. Download the app now, to be away from the side effects of blue light from the smartphone. In some version of Android, the Night Screen app can also dim the transparent navigation bar. The app doesn’t bombard you with advanced features but offers all those necessary basic features.

night mode apps

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One of the popular night mode apps that are specifically designed to make your sleep better is Twilight. If you are addicted to using on-screen devices at night then Twilight is the one to download. It does a great job to filter blue light to the kind of light you see after sunset and also overlays it with a red filter. Also, adjust the filter intensity based on the sunset and sunrise times. With over five million downloads on the Google Play store, Twilight can easily handle the task you desire. Get the free version with limited features. Upgrade to pro to enjoy advanced features.

night mode apps

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With the simple interface and functionality to make changes, Dimly is one of the best night mode apps for Android. All you need is to tap on the app to continue changing the default setting. Or else access it through the notification bar by navigating through settings. Go to settings-→ongoing notification. Here, you will find the option to enable Dimly. Also, while you are on the settings page, set the device to minimum/maximum brightness and set stop time. Prefer Pro version to have an ad-free experience and unlock auto start option.

night mode apps

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Night Mode

One of the best free Android night mode app that can lower the brightness level to the maximum level than the default settings is Night Mode. It just puts an overlay filter that acts as a dimmer which allows looking at the smartphone display screen without any issue. Also, it disables the backlit from the soft buttons and hardware. Night Mode offers numerous filters based on the scenes. In case you are not happy with the current adjustment level, use the slider to adjust it manually.

night mode apps

Keep your eyes safe from the blue light emission from smartphones using the above night mode apps for Android. All the applications are free to download, while some of them offer in-app purchases.

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