Best Methods To Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

January 5, 2020

Have an iPhone? Did you ever try to schedule a text message? Unfortunately! You won’t be able to do so! The feature to schedule sending text messages on the iPhone is something every iPhone user wants. Though Apple iOS doesn’t allow us to schedule text messages, fortunately, we have several other options to do the task. So, draft a message and schedule it to send across at a particular time. In this post, we offer you different methods that let to schedule text messages on iPhone.

Method 1: Using Scheduled App

– First of all! Download the Scheduled app on an iOS smartphone. Choose a premium version if you want to send scheduled texts automatically. With the free version, you receive a reminder on the time when you want to send a scheduled text.

– Allow the app to access contacts to get into the contact list.

– Tap on create a message to start creating a new scheduled text.

– Then, tap on the select recipient to choose a contact from your list.

– Start typing a message by tapping on “enter a message”. Tap once to get the blink!

schedule message on iPhone

– After adding in text and photo, if necessary, tap on schedule date to select the date and time at which the message needs to be sent.

– ‘Don’t repeat’ is the default setting that sends the message only once. In case you want to send a message periodically, then tap on repeat.

– Whenever the times, you will receive a notification to send a message. Tap on the notification to initiate the process. 

Method 2: Using Shortcuts App

– Download Shortcuts app from the App store.

– Once installed successfully, also download Delayed Time iMessage to your iPhone.

– Tap on “Get Shortcut” to get it automatically get into the shortcuts app.

– Now, tap on “Delayed Time iMessage” shortcut and grant permission to access the contact list.

Schedule text message

– Select the contact you intend to schedule a message, type a message, and tap on OK.

– Its time to choose a particular date and time to send a message. Select the details, and you are good to go!

However, the Shortcuts apps require you to keep the app open in the background to ensure schedule messages go on time. Also, it needs to unlock the smartphone at the time you want to send. This method works well on devices running on iOS 13

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Method 3: Using Siri Shortcut

In case your iPhone is not based on iOS 13, then there is still a method to schedule text messages. Configure text message and specify a time to send. One of the downsides of the Shortcuts app is it delays the message you are sending. Moreover, it needs the app to be running to deliver a message. And iOS 12 devices are not very well with Shortcuts app in the background. Follow the steps below to configure the message on the iPhone. 

– Get Schedule message shortcuts on iPhone.

– Tap on the shortcut and follow on-screen instructions to type text, select contact, and specify the time to deliver a message.

send text messages

-Interestingly! This method allows sending scheduled messages on WhatsApp. All you need to do is an open shortcut in edit mode and change action to send a message via WhatsApp.

That’s all! Though not the perfect solution to handle text scheduling tasks, they can help out until the native iOS app is made available.

Here are top 5 best methods to schedule text messages on Android.

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