Best Methods To Prevent Android Phone From Being Hacked

January 28, 2019

Every one of us is keen at protecting their data or assets, especially in the smartphones. As with the technological advancement, it is becoming quite tedious to keep the smartphone data away from hackers. We often go through several types of Cybercrimes including data breaches, phishing attacks, and ransomware. By this, it is pretty much clear that there is someone behind us who are continuously keeping track of our personal information. So, it is always a good idea to keep the smartphone safe and secure from hackers. How to make the device hack-proof? Well! There exist several methods that let to secure your smartphone. Here, let us discuss a few methods that can help to keep your identity and data safe on your Android phone.

Keep Your Device OS Up-to-date

We often get an alert specifying OS or app update. Sometimes we update the device, but at times we ignore the alert. All the updates bring in some new features that can further enhance the overall security of the device. So, always keep your operating system up to date as it contains patches for all the flaws. To check for the update, go to settings-→About phone-→system updates.

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Ignore Spam Mails and Texts

The favorite technique used by many hackers or any IT criminals is junk e-mail. This includes attachments, suspicious links or other, that when clicked can lead to the threat. So, it is better to avoid spam emails from the unknown sender. Always remember that there is no bank or any other institution that will ask you to provide information via e-mail.

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Beware of the Public Wi-Fi

It is always advisable to make use of private connections. When you are in a public place, switch off your Wi-Fi connection on the mobile phone. Since many users log in to the same unknown network, there is a high chance of the device being hacked. Never open the unencrypted open networks as this will give the way to hackers to get into your device. Also, turn off the Bluetooth connection when not in use.

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Use Two-Factor Authentication

One of the least favorite security options that people tend to use is the two-factor authentication. Though it requires you to receive and type in the additional code apart from the regular password, it features a solid barrier for your private information. Google uses its own two-factor authentication that tightens the security on Android devices. With this enabled, anyone trying to hack your account will definitely require a passcode that will be sent only to your registered mobile number.

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Lock Your Smartphone

Though it looks like a simple task, yes! Many of us don’t do so! Avoid getting into troubles especially while using the device in public by locking your phone when not in use. Moreover, use an alphanumeric code to make it stronger. Android users can make use of PIN, pattern, Touch ID or Face ID to lock the device. Even protect the mobile apps especially those containing personal details, bank details, email and other accounts with appropriate password.

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Download Apps from Play Store

Though many of us prefer Google Play store to download apps, still there are many who make use of the unofficial websites to download apps. This will cost huge in the long run. Doing so gives out a path for the viruses and hackers. So, it is better to avoid using third-party installation and use only the official Google play store to download required apps.


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