Best Hacking Tools Of 2018 For Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

July 24, 2018

When talking about different OS platforms like Windows, Linux or Mac OS X, the common term that we can get to hear is Hacking. These operating systems are easily prone to hacking and have the highest records of being hacked by professional hackers. Since it involves a great level of skill and knowledge on computer and its networks, not many of us are aware of hacking and how they actually do it. However, there exists some exciting hacking tools 2018 that are required to become a successful hacker. Here we bring you some of the best hacking tools of 2018 along with its best features. Read on the guide to make use of the information for educational purpose rather than for malicious practice. Get to know the detailed information of these best ethical hacking tools 2018 and learn how to use the hacking tools. Along with these best hacking tools for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, also have a look at the best Android hacking apps 2018.


Maintaining improper security breaches means that you are keeping your business at risk in the near future. NetSparker is more than a best hacking tool as it works as a web application security tool to manage security vulnerabilities. The built-in workflow tools are designed specifically to manage the security of multiple websites. You need not buy, install any hardware or software, just launch the application from the dashboard to perform a security scan from any location. If it is unable to check any flaw, it will just warn you of something malicious activity happening. Moreover, it automatically exploits the vulnerabilities found in a safe way and even display the proof of exploitation thus warning us to use more advanced security settings.

best Hacking Tools 2018

Download NetSparker.

Nmap (Network Mapper)

The best hacking tools 2018 till date that is feature-rich and at the same offers user-friendly interface is Nmap. With its advanced tools, Nmap is sure to keep all the hackers behind. The Nmap that is called as Network Mapper is the free open source hacking tool used for network scanning and security auditing. Considering its features, the Nmap is claimed to be one of the best ethical hacking tools 2018. With thousands of admin users, Nmap has the capability to discover open ports, monitor host availability on the network and also can determine which operating system is used by the host system. This award-winning hacking tool renders its support to all major platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

best Hacking Tools 2018

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Download Nmap (Network Mapper).


The fully featured hacking tool that can hack like a pro is Metasploit. Designed for enterprise security solutions, the Metasploit can test your defence attacks on the network safely and helps to uncover all those security issues if any. Rather than calling as a Metasploit, it can be called as a collection of exploits with its own infrastructure to build its own custom tools. It is one of the popular security tools to locate vulnerabilities on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. It can simulate the real-world attacks thus making you know about your weak points so as to fix them at priority. This tool is quite helpful for the penetration testers and for those professionals involved in IDS testing plans.

best Hacking Tools 2018

Download MetaSploit.


Available for free download, the Wireshark hacking tools 2018 is a packet sniffer, packet analyzer and a password hacker. Apart from capturing and detecting network passwords, the Wireshark holds the capability to secure the network from outside intruders. Not only the offline analysis, Wireshark can also analyze data from Bluetooth, USB, Token ring, Ethernet and more. Supporting all major platforms, this is one of the best ethical hacking tools 2018 available online. It can inspect hundreds of protocols and detects best results with live capture.

best Hacking Tools 2018

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Download Wireshark.


Here is another best hacking tools 2018 that is available for Windows, Linux and Mac Operating system. This interactive hacking tool is used for interrogation to find the relationship between information collected from different sources. It can depict the information graphically and analyses the relationship between different entities like websites, documents, people and companies. It can enumerate network information such as DNS name, domain name, IP address, and netblocks. As for the personal information, Maltego can analyze email address, phone numbers, social groups that the person is associated with and the list of companies that the person is in connection with. It can even extract metadata from the target domain files. With the easy to use interface, you can install the Maltego setup quickly and immediately provides the graphical interface to see the relationships instantly. If your PC or laptop is running on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X then probably this is one of the best ethical hacking tools 2018 to consider.

best Hacking Tools 2018

Download Maltego.

Acunetix WVS

The automated tool that can scan web applications and resolve the exploitable vulnerabilities is Acunetix WVS. Considering the innovative features offered, this is one of the best hacking tools 2018 attracted by many hackers. Securing the web application of the company especially from the professional hackers is quite a tedious task. As the Cyber attacks are taking a rise, the need for the best ethical hacking tools 2018 has become mandatory. Here comes the need pf Acunetix WVS that is designed by keeping the threat in mind. It can scan as well as resolve any exploitable vulnerabilities. Developed by highly experienced security developers, this renders its support to all the major Operating system platforms.

best Hacking Tools 2018

Download Acunetix WVS.

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