Best Gifting Ideas For 3+ Year Girls

December 19, 2017

Toys are everything for children. In fact, they are the world to them. No matter, how many toys you buy, they are never enough for your three years old. Toys are their sole belongings with which they get highly associated with.

There needs no special occasion to buy toys for your toddler. But as the two major events – Christmas and New Year are fast approaching now, it becomes a must to surprise your little ones with special gifts.

Purchasing 3-year-old toys for girls is both easy and confusing considering the countless options available in the UAE market. There are dolls, soft toys, puzzle sets and many more options to choose from. To help you out, here we list out a few gift ideas, which you may find appropriate for your lovely daughter.

1. Well Play 36 Pcs Chef Cooking Play Set:

The Chef cooking playset of 36 pieces is a perfect gift idea for your 3-year-old girl. This set lets your little one engage in an interactive role play and pretend to be a chef. Usually, kids love to imitate their parents, and hence this cooking play set helps live her imaginations by pretending to set up a tea party or special dinner. It also helps a toddler to learn and develop skills while having fun. As for the playset, it includes a pot, stirring tools, utensils, spoons, spatula, knife, forks, glasses and a few others.


2. Well Play Kitchen Set With Light & Music:

This is another good choice of toys for girls using which, they can pretend cooking. This toy gives the fun, makes your little ones involved in playful activities and also introduces them to the real kitchen chores. Moreover, it helps develop creative thinking while following the cooking techniques. This Well Play kitchen set is battery operated. Unlike the regular model, it lights up and makes the sound, which kids find very interesting to play.


3. Vogue Girl Fashion Icon Barbie Doll:

Nothing impresses the most than the Barbie dolls for the three-year-old girls. In fact, it is not just kids, but young girls are also equally crazy about them. So, you can plan to gift a Barbie Doll to your dear one for the coming Christmas or New Year. This one comes with an accessory kit using which, your girl can come with some creative fashion ideas and bring life to the doll while having great fun.


4. Baby Kitchenette With Light & Sound Function:

Kids love playing with different things and Play Kitchens are one among them. This Kitchenette is just apt for girls aged three and above. This set operates with the help of a battery, which also lights up the toy. Not just kids, but parents can also join them when the little ones indulge in such imaginative role plays.


5. Star of the Kingdom Dressing Table:

Go with the dressing table toy set for your little daughter as a gift for Christmas. This set features a heart-shape button, which gives out flashing light and melodious music when it is pressed on. With so many accessories on the table like a brush, hair dryer, mirror, and make-up kit, your little princess can pretend getting ready, while enjoying the role play.


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