7 Best Free office software 2018

July 21, 2018

Gone are the days, where you need to pay extra bucks to get a reliable office suite. Now exists a new era of free office software 2018 that can really do any task that you intended for. The recent technological advancements lead to multiple best free office software that is compatible enough with almost any operating system. While the latest Windows 10 latest version free download gives you access for the trial version of Microsoft office, you still need to search for the best free office software to replace. Along with the Microsoft Office, there exits many other free office software that serves your purpose on your PC or laptop. Considering the importance of the free office software, here we have gathered some of the best free office software 2018 along with Microsoft office that can give you access to an array of apps. Whether it is writing a document, creating a spreadsheet or sharing a Google Docs, you need not spend a single penny to get these tasks done. Let us have a round up of these best free office software details.

Microsoft Office

The most familiar free office software available for download is Microsoft office. Developed by Microsoft, this is available since 1988 and is prone to many updates thus resulting in the most enhanced office suite. Available in different versions and formats, it gives you the flexibility to do almost any task instantly. The easy to use interface is one of the main highlights of Microsoft office. Recently, Microsoft introduced Office Mobile, especially for mobile phones. Some of the desktop apps of the Microsoft Office include Ms-word, Ms-Excel, Ms-powerPoint, Microsoft Access, Outlook, Business, and more. The trial period of the Microsoft Office is only for a few days, after which you need to get a product key to get it installed in your system. mean while have a look at Microsoft Launches Office 2019, Latest Full Version Download.

free office software

Download Microsoft Office.

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Google Docs

The most popular Android app available on Google Play store for free download is Google Docs. It is even a popular office suite that is actually more than a simple word processing app. This cloud-based free office software is popular among Gmail users and integrates directly with the Google services. Though it doesn’t offer all those features of Microsoft, still it is the best alternative for the Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Use Google Drive to store all documents and even make it easily accessible while handling huge documents. The recent update for the native support to Microsoft documents makes the Google Docs an easier option. It works with all browsers but seems to be effective while being implemented on Google Chrome.

free office software

Download Google Docs.

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The Open source office suite that is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux is LibreOffice. Since its debut, it has gone through huge advancements. Now, the latest version of LibreOffice is nowhere less than a Microsoft Office. It has its own spreadsheet, word document, and other applications for your office and personal needs. Some of the programs included in this free office software are LibreOffice writer, LibreOffice Draw, LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Math, LibreOffice Charts and more. Some of the features you may not be able to find even in the most popular Microsoft Office. With the clean interface, you can definitely have a great time working with the LibreOffice. Make professional documents online regardless of its purpose and lets you keep a focus on content rather than on formatting. Download LibreOffice now to boost your creativity in your everyday tasks.

free office software

Download Libre Office. 

Zoho Office

Launched in 2005, Zoho Office suite works the same as other online office suites. It is one of the best alternatives for the professionals that work effectively. Zoho Office is given some interesting features including document sharing, digital signatures, and real-time chatting. Another great ability of the Zoho office is its ability to directly post documents to Word Press. Considering this feature, Zoho office is said to be one of the best and effective blog writing tool. The extensive set of customization options for the documents let you create more creative workspace online.

free office software

Download Zoho Office. 

WPS Office

WPS Office, that was once called as Kingsoft Office is a powerhouse of many office suite features along with additional features like PDF conversion, document encryption, digital signature, PDF merging and more. Download this free office software to get access to free word processor, presentation maker and spreadsheet program. Gaining access to these features means, you will now be able to handle many office related tasks with an ease. Though the tool is a free software, still it boasts innovative features with multiple language support. Moreover, it is compatible with all document formats and also has a built-in PDF reader. Overall, WPS Office is claimed to be the best alternative for those who are not interested to spend money on getting office software online.

Free Office software

Download WPS Office. 

Apple iWork

Here is another best productivity free office software for PC and smartphones. Apple iWork is compatible with the mac and iOS platform thus making it unique to Apple users. As in Microsoft Office, even the Apple iWork includes word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation templates. It further renders its support for the local storage and also with iCloud storage, thus giving feasibility to synchronize documents across multiple devices. All the apps support different export formats such as PDF. While the other users need to get it by spending some amount, the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners can enjoy the benefits for free.

free office software

Download Apple iWork. 

Polaris Office

The free cloud-based office solution with a simple interface and huge range of functions is Polaris Office. Download this free office software now to edit, share or archive any type of documents. It is compatible software for Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS. With 50GB size, this single application is enough to handle multiple documents. Moreover, it is compatible even with other office software like Microsoft Office, PDF reader, and converter. Open or view any document/file only with the Polaris Office. Enhance your creativity with the handwriting tool and even click pictures on the camera and directly insert them into the documents. Polaris Office is a free all-in-one solution with enhanced features.

Free Office software

Download Polaris Office. 

When looking for the best free office software, rather than preferring the Microsoft alternative, it is better to look for the best features offered in every software. Every free office software has unique and innovative features that make it to the list of best free office software. The compatibility across different platforms and the easy to use interface are two main factors that need to be considered while choosing the Office software 2018.

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