The Best Free Alternative To Microsoft Word 2018

July 21, 2018

Though the world’s popular word processor is Microsoft Word, still many people avoid using this popular software tool for document processing. Thanks to the wide format support, and a huge range of templates that made this popular and effective. As usual, all these powerful features require you to pay for it. Probably, this could be one of the reasons why everyone looks for the alternative option. While there exist many free alternatives to Microsoft word free download, not all of us prefer to spend some bucks. You might make use of LibreOffice, Google Docs or any other software, all these are pretty great options over the Microsoft word 2010 free download. Here, we have rounded up some of the best free alternatives to the Microsoft word that you can prefer to use for managing your daily tasks. All the free writing software specified here are feature-rich and render its support to many templates along with advanced formatting options. Let us look into detailed information about these best alternatives.

WPS Office

One of the best free viable alternative to MS-Word that many people prefer to have over the MS word free download is WPS Office free download. With almost similar features that you get with the Microsoft word 2007 free download, WPS Office version is even available for Android smartphones. For everyone who is looking for the word processing software following industry standards, WPS Office is capable enough to replace the Microsoft Office. It lets you write, edit and print documents in much the same way. Moreover, it uses the same file extensions which makes it clear that this software is compatible with Microsoft Office this giving you the feasibility to open and edit even in Office and vice versa. Another interesting feature is the Google Search toolbar, so you get access to the internet while in the same workspace. Microsoft Launches Office 2019, Latest Full Version Download.

best free alternative to Microsoft Word 2018

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An application from the Ssuite Office that is claimed to be the terrific alternative for the Microsoft Word free download is WordGraph. The easy to use interface with a standard menu, and the formatting toolbar makes the WordGraph to the list of best free Microsoft word alternatives. Instead of getting the Microsoft word 2007 free download, prefer downloading WordGraph to enjoy benefits. Also, check out helpful online tutorials in case of any specific question. Either insert an object, image, emotions, link, or any character art directly by selecting from the menu bar. Use different spell check tools that can make the document more productive and effective.

best free alternative to Microsoft Word 2018

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Apache OpenOffice

The best alternative for the Office software online is Apache OpenOffice. This open-source software includes a word processor, presentation, spreadsheet, graphics and many other applications. Available in different languages, the Apache OpenOffice writer has all those features that you require from the modern word processor. It is a simple tool to handle documents, diagrams and make it more appealing. Different formatting styles let the user try out every format. There is even an AutoCorrect dictionary for handling typing mistakes and spelling error. To reduce your typing effort, there is an AutoComplete tool as that you get from the Microsoft word free download. It suggests some common words and phrases that you can continue with while writing. Moreover, Writer also has the feasibility to display multiple pages and works well with larger monitors. Get the Apache OpenOffice writer that is said to be the great alternative for Microsoft Word 2010 free download.

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best free alternative to Microsoft Word 2018


Here is another great Microsoft word alternative that you would love to use. If you are habituated to use the latest Microsoft Word 2010 free download version, then it might take a bit time to get used to the LibreOffice. Otherwise, all the menus and icons of the interface are simple and are even compatible with Ms-word document file formats. This compatibility makes it easier to share a file with your friends. LibreOffice Writer can also easily integrate with other tools thus you have the chance to easily import contents to the documents as in Ms-word. With regular updates, the LibreOffice gets all those new features and enhanced security which makes it stand ahead in the competition.

best free alternative to Microsoft Word 2018

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The highly-customizable open source tool that gives you the facility to do collaborative editing in real-time is Etherpad. With the support of different plugins and multiple templates, the users can now do some creative work along with metacommunication. It has a builtin chatbox which lets to communicate with other participants. For each pad, there is a unique URL, and one can send an invitation by sharing the link with them. Another interesting feature of Etherpad is, you get to import or export the documentation in different formats like Word, text, HTML, PDF and more. As the Microsoft word free download, even the Etherpad is available for free download thus allowing to have collaborative editing and group discussion simultaneously. Need not install a server or do anything, just download and install Etherpad to get access to it instantly.

best free alternative to Microsoft Word 2018

Apart from this, you can find several other word processors that will never let you go for the Microsoft Word free download. So, choose the right one that suits your needs to enjoy creative writing with the best Office writer. Continue writing with the best free writer online. Also, read about 7 best free office software for 2018. While downloading the software on your PC or laptop, make sure if you have the best Antivirus software so as to protect from virus, malware or spyware.

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