Best Features Of Android Q

April 3, 2019

The most recent software update rolled out to Android phones is called Android Q. It has been a while since the Pie OS update was released and now, the next Q update will be here very soon. And as the Android Q Beta 1 is the latest update, many interesting features are expected of this software.

If you are eager to know about the update, here we give you some information that is either confirmed by Google itself or that doesn’t need further tweaks.

Android Q Interesting Features:

1. Sharing Menu:

So far, there have been so many criticisms about Android’s sharing functionality for being slow and not intuitive. But looks like, Google has fixed this issue in the latest update. It comes with a new Sharing menu that is quite faster compared to the previous version. Also, it is supposed to be much effective when sharing applications and recommending contacts. But only time will tell if this Sharing menu will really be able to function as desired.


2. Instant access to Settings:

Right now, it is pretty easy to connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other connectivity options, but seems like this procedure will be even easier when using applications. All that users have to do is to go to the Settings panel. In specific situations, it will be even possible to summon a new popup window by apps. Google considers this as launching a browser in airplane mode.


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3. Standard Depth Format:

Among the list is the introduction of a new depth format called the Dynamic Depth format, which is useful for depth-editing tasks in third-party apps. Besides, the new format will allow third-party apps to create specific blurs and bokeh options.


4. Previews for OEMs:

When it comes to Android previews, Google Pixel users have always enjoyed this aspect. Later on, Android Pie previews are opened to third-party devices also. So it seems like the previews for OEMs will expand with Android Q as well. According to the Android developer team, additional support will be given to the Android Q beta program. Last time, the major brands like Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, and Motorola have missed out on Android P previews. So, there is a possibility for any of these brands to join the bandwagon.


5. Overhauled permissions:

The tweaks related to privacy in Android Q are plenty of which, roles form the major addition. But with the roles, Android will allow specific permissions to applications depending on its use-case. As a result, the text messaging apps will automatically get start to send or receive texts besides accessing the contacts. Apart from this, the other roles present on Google’s support website are launcher, gallery, web browser, music player and so on.


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