Best Apps For iPhone XS , XR And iPhone XS Max 2019

January 23, 2019

Already have one of the latest Apple iPhone X series smartphones- Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XR or iPhone XS Max. Then probably, the first thing that you do is to load the iPhone with numerous apps. With numerous apps to choose from, it might become a tedious task to choose the appropriate one. The wrong choice of an Apple iPhone app can affect the overall performance of the device. As you are spending much on the Apple iPhone, it becomes mandatory to take some time to investigate the best one. To help you out in choosing the best, here we have listed out some of the best Apps suitable for all the three handsets and ensure that you accomplish your tasks with ease. Let us have a look at the best apps for Apple iPhone XS, XR and XS Max 2019.


The first iPhone app to download after purchasing the new range of iPhones is Shortcuts. Though the iOS 12 has an integrated Siri assistant that can frequent action into the shortcut, still the new Shortcuts app is quite useful and can bring in-app level automation to iPhone. With the app, create a list of actions that are yet to happen one after another. Also, create a workflow with the help of Siri.

best iPhone apps

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We all are aware that the Apple iPhone XS camera is pretty incredible. It makes use of the two rear cameras along with the A12 Neural Engine so as to adjust the background blur. To get more depth effects, here is an iPhone app to download. Of all the numerous apps available, Slor is one of the best apps as it is easy to use and even offers useful effects. Just tap on any part of the photo to focus. To increase the blur effect, select the macro button. This is the best handy app to download and get extreme blur effects.

best iPhone apps

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Give an immersive illumination to the portrait photos captured using the Apollo iPhone app. The image captured can be good only if the lighting is proper. It can be either a DSLR or iPhone, lightning conditions should be proper so as to capture high-quality photos. Understanding the concept, Apollo iPhone app makes use of the iPhone depth data that let to totally re-imagine the lighting conditions. So, with this app, you can easily go around and move the lights and make it feel as if you are still in the room or any sort of similar effect. This is the only app that uses the Apple iPhone depth data in order to relight portrait mode photos after they are captured.

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Despite the Apple iPhone is known to be secured device over Android smartphone, still, it requires you to download certain password manager apps that can guard all your passwords. Thereby reducing the stress to remember every password. One such iPhone app to download is 1Password. If you often have the habit to forget passwords, then this is the most powerful application that can store passwords in a secure environment. You also have the option to store passwords either in an iCLoud, local vault or in the Dropbox. Download 1Password now to store all passwords in a single location.

best iPhone apps

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Though Apple comes in with its own podcasts app by default, it doesn’t have all those necessary features. If you are one of those who love listening to podcasts, then you should definitely check out Overcast iPhone app. The intuitive interface with a bunch of new features such as voice boost, playback speed adjustment and more makes it a popular choice to download on your Apple iPhone XS, XR or XS Max. Furthermore, it renders support to Apple Watch and CarPlay. Also, comes in with rich notifications. It is a free app with some in-app purchases.

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Taking a big step into computational photography, we have got another new iPhone app that brings in the DSLR like photography for your dual camera iPhone. Yes! We are talking about Focos that can be downloaded for both iPhone and iPad in order to achieve exceptional bokeh effects that were claimed to be possible only with the professional camera. Also, make unlimited changes to the photos captured using the several editing tools that you have never seen before. If necessary, go through the video tutorials available to understand of how to use the Focos app to add in required effect to the photos.

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Depth Cam

The app that works similar to the visualization tool as it allows to play and view using this app. Through the Depth Cam app, the user can see the shots in the 3D wire-frame or even in false color images. Also, crop or rotate the image while keeping the depth effect intact. Inverted maps are quite stunning as it allows to return to the app so that one can blur the images again. The only difference is the blurring effect is done in the foreground rather than in the background.


Best iPhone apps

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One of the best third-party iPhone apps to download is VSCO. Get access to all the image controls including focus, exposure, brightness and even shoot images in RAW format. The impressive use of the filters makes the VSCO stand ahead of the competition. Just pick up a preset and edit the images to get the necessary shot.

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Here is another great manual camera app that is capable enough to shoot RAW images as well as portrait mode pictures. In order to edit the depth effect of the pictures, you need to download another photo-editing app called Darkroom. Both these apps can be used simultaneously. The photos that are clicked in Halide can be edited in one touch using the Darkroom. While the Apple iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max come in with an inbuilt portrait mode, one can improvise the effect using the Halide portrait mode. Another interesting feature is the usage of the 2X telephoto lens. This app is an essential one as it packs in a lot more than the regular photo editing tools.

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One of the best ways to edit photos in the Apple iPhone X series smartphones is through Snapseed. It is true that not every shot that is captured turns out to be perfect. Almost all the snaps require some editing so as to make it look amazing. The easy to use interface of the Snapseed makes it easier to edit images. For instance, use swipe gestures to change contrast, brightness, vibrancy, colors and more. This professional photo editor tool can open the images both in RAW as well as JPG image formats. Since everything is self-explanatory, it becomes quite easy to navigate around this tool.

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The best alternative music streaming iPhone app for the already exists Apple music app is Spotify. It contains useful music discovery engine that allows going through the best playlists available. With the use of algorithms, curator and crowd-sourced data, you come across multiple playlists which are yet to be personalized depending on their usage. Download Spotify to enjoy your favorite music on your iPhone.

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Apart from the given list of best apps for Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and XS Max, you will find numerous other apps to download that serve a different purpose on your device. It is your choice to select the best and make your life easier with your iPhone.

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