Best Apps To Customize Android Phones

March 27, 2019

The Android operating system is preferred by many because of the customization options it comes with. This popular mobile operating system, which is based on Linux, allows customizing almost every aspect of the device. In fact, it is best known for the countless customization options it has. In addition, there are also several apps available that allow you to customize your device as you like. Let us check out some of the best apps on the Google Play Store.

1. Zooper Widget:

The first application on our list is the Zooper widget that packs in a number of features. With this widget, it is possible to create several custom widgets as per your requirement like clock widget, templates, date widget and so on. Besides, it also includes an editor that lets you edit images, add effects and so on.


2. Muviz:

Another recommended app to customize an Android phone is Muviz. With this application, you can customize the navigation bar by including a music visualizer on it. Users can actually replace the actual navigation bar with the music visualization station. In addition to this, you will also find music equalizer bars in different styles.


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3. PowerLine:

If you are planning to give a totally different look to your Android device, then PowerLine is the best choice. Using this application, you can add a few aspects you need on the status bar such as WiFi indicator, CPU, battery level, memory, and signals etc. Not only this, but the application also lets you pick any side of the screen to display the indicators.


4. Desktop Visualizer:

An interesting thing about this application is that it lets users customize even the home screen. In order to customize the home screen, you have an option to add widgets or icons using your favorite images. In addition to this, this app also includes several add-ons that will further enhance its functionality.

desktop visualizer

5. Zedge:

It is quite common for you to look for some unique wallpapers, app icons, ringtones as well as notification sounds when you want to customize your Android smartphone. Searching for each and every one of these is a time taking the task. Hence, to cut down this time, you can install Zedge and find all these at one place and download whatever necessary.


6. Launcher Apps:

One best way to transform an Android device is through launcher applications. Right now, there are plenty of Android launcher apps available on the Google Play Store and each of them has is own set of aspects. For instance, there is the popular Nova launcher app that allows you to personalize almost all aspects of your device including the icons, transition effects, texts and so on.

launcher apps

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