Best Apple Watch Applications

October 2, 2019

It’s been a great tech year. With the tsunami of smartphones, laptops, and tablets flooding in the market, smartwatches were somewhat suppressed. But by the time, when Apple released some new watches with amazing features, the crowd and the Apple fans got super excited. The most sparkling part about this scenario is that you get apps for Apple watches. The hype was created when people first time heard about Apple Watch Applications.

Now, watch OS 6 is all set to bring an App Store to your Apple Watch. This is happening for the very first time. As most of the developers never took smartwatches too seriously, this is the time. 2020 might be the big year for more great new apps sitting on your wrist.

best apple watch applications

The Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 5 supports some applications already and they are said to be the best smartwatches in the market.

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What are the best Apple Watch applications?

Now, if you are new to the use of Apple watches, you probably are not aware of the applications. No worries, we are here with the list of best applications for you Apple Watch with their functions and procedure of their usage. In this article, you’ll discover applications for podcasting and procrastinating, for fitness routines, for messing around with fun and for dealing with stuff.

Before you get into our list, make sure to head into the Apple Watch original application on your iPhone – that is the place where you’ll see a list of the applications previously introduced on your iPhone that can likewise be moved to your Watch. In this article too, any application that you see and you like, you’ll have to download them to your iPhone first.

best apple watch applications

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So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

List of best Apple Watch Applications


Dark Sky




App in the Air


Things are an incredible errand director on the iPhone, and its Apple Watch application makes following the day’s assignments straightforward.

things apple watch app

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is about your figure, telling you what the climate will resemble in your quick region, and cautioning you as long as an hour ahead of time of downpour or day off.

dark sky apple watch app


Spark is one of our preferred email applications for the iPhone, it’s as yet extraordinary in its interpretation of Apple’s littlest screen.

spark apple watch app


WaterMinder is not a true fitness app but it still satisfies a significant wellness work: monitoring your hydration. Getting in a decent long run is incredible until your breakdown on the walkway since you overlooked that people need water to endure.

WaterMinder apple watch app

Just Press Record

You can record anything anywhere without wasting a secong to pull out your phone, unlocking it, opening the app and then going for the recocrd. With this application, you just need to open and the app and tap the big red button on your watch.

Just Press Record apple watch app

Final Verdict to Apple Watch Applications

There are a ton of different applications for Apple watch but these are some of the best and easy to use. Let us know about your favorite applications in the comments!

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