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October 16, 2018

Smartphones are getting more capable in these recent days. With the latest features updated every day, it is demanding more battery. The best method to save battery life and keep the performance updated on your smartphone or tablet is to kill all those apps running in the background. We all are aware of the fact that the background apps consume a lot of power as well as resources. Shutting down these apps is no more a concern! Here are some of the best app killers for your smartphone that can save battery as well make the device run faster. The App killer for Android will not harm any app, it just shuts down the app for that instance. Let us explore further about these killer apps to suspend the apps running in the background.


One of the best app killer for Android smartphones that can put any Android app to sleep is Greenify. This well-designed app can easily identify the apps that consume enough resources especially the one that drains battery life. After identification, it will put those apps to sleep such that they won’t consume enough resources. So, this is the best solution to humbly keep the app in sleep mode rather than killing it permanently.

App killer for android

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Kill all those apps running on the background or the apps that are consuming enough resources with a single touch. As in PC, even the smartphones take up resources and battery life even when the phone is switched off. Download the KillApps to close all those apps and thereby saving battery and memory on your phone. Also, enhance the performance using this best app killer.

App killer for android

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Task killer

The mobile app that is designed to force stop the background apps and free up system memory on your device is task killer. Get rid of all those unnecessary apps, just by clicking on the big green button “Kill Selected”. Clicking the button will terminate the apps. In settings, there is even a checkbox that can automatically kill apps after a certain amount of time. If you want to kill the apps after every hour, just tick it to terminate them automatically. For better performance of device try out these 8 Ways To Free Up Storage Space On Android Smartphones.

App killer for android

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Advanced Task Killer

The advanced task killer acts like a task manager, battery saver, and speed booster. The ancient looking interface allows selecting the required apps that need to be executed by the task killer. Once selected, just click on “Kill Selected Apps” that will kill the apps. Another notable feature of the advanced task killer is its ability to autostart upon restart. This means that, whenever you restart the system, this app killer will automatically kill the apps that are selected previously.

App killer for android

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ES Task Manager

Another straightforward app that is quite simple to use for killing apps on Android is ES Task Manager. This app killer is well polished and allows the user to either kill apps or clean junk files running on the background. Once you switch to the task manager, you will find the apps that are currently running and accordingly you can close them off with an ease. The apps that seem to be useful can be retained and other apps can be killed easily. This is a quite easy process to free up memory on your device.

App killer for android

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