AWOK Launches Its Marketplace – AWOK Seller Program

November 10, 2018

Want to expand your Business by investing globally?
A whole New Globe of Customer Experience is on your way.
No need to stress over it, as AWOK brings a hassle-free platform for you to stock up all your products at one place to reach millions of customers.
Expand Globally With AWOK!
AWOK Marketplace in UAE has been the biggest retail market where you would able to buy anything and everything that you would like to have. AWOK now gives you a platform to showcase your brands to the world and expand your business globally to capture a pool of customers that would be made available exclusively for you.
Grab this opportunity to become a part of our AWOK Seller Program in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and UAE and entitle your product under our hosting.

How to Sell on AWOK:

You can become a part of our Awok Selling Program in the blink of an eye by following these quick steps:

1. AWOK Seller Program

If you are already a member of it, Sign in to your AWOK Seller Account by opening our Awok Business Page.

step 12. Sign Up

If you are registering for the first time, click on the Sign Up bar located at the bottom of that webpage to get access to our Awok Selling Program. Moreover, If you are managing multiple business portfolios at the same time, you can register different selling accounts for your separate entities as well.

step 2

3. Awok Seller Program Account

To create your new AWOK Business Account, fill in all the details that are required for it.
Step 3

4. Dashboard

All the details of your total canceled and shipped orders would appear in your daily orders list. A consolidated statement of the total revenue generations would also appear in the order list that would help you analyze the frequency of daily purchases.
Your Homepage dashboard for AWOK Selling Program would more or less look like the given structure:

Step 6
5. Product Lifetime

The complete lifecycle of all the products sold through your AWOK Selling Program would start appearing here. In case, any of your accounts is inactive or it doesn’t get approved to be posted on our webpage, then the list of all inactive accounts would be shown under our Product Lifetime category.

Step 56. Name Your Store:

Create your store by listing down your business information along with your Trade License Copy, and expiry date of it. Your Tax Registration Number also need to be mentioned in it along with the pick-up address from where we would be able to pick up your product.
Note: Please keep in mind that your Store Zone should also be mentioned in it.

step 6
7. Store Categories:

In order to align all your products based on their existing categories, you can make separate categories for PCS & Laptops, Camera, Mobile Phone & Accessories, Health & Beauty and many more based on your brand extension. To create a separate list for every Category, click on “Categories” option, a drop-down would appear with the title “Awok List”. Click on it and request for a new category.


8. Categories Listing:

Once your requested category gets accepted, you would be able to access it in your AWOK Seller Program under the “Store Categories” option. Here you would be able to check out your product description, Category details and Status of your product whether your product is currently active or inactive based on the approval given by our AWOK administration.
AWOK seller program

9. Store Category Creation:

If you would like to name your store category with product description in English and Arabic along with its availability status, you can click on the “Store Categories Create” option with the menu bar and save the edited details. You can further edit it under store categories list option if you would like to rename your list after some time. Don’t forget to choose your Awok Category list from the drop-down menu so that your product can be placed under the given list.

how to sell on AWOK

10. Order Details

All the orders ordered by your customers along with order placement date, customer name, activity status and actions completed would be labeled under the order list menu.
Note: the status of your product availability depends upon the availability of it along with the approval received from AWOK Seller Program administration.

Awok seller program

11. Product Creation:

In order to create your product, type in your product name, description details and enlist all the categories in which it lies.

AWOK seller program

After doing that, jot down all the attributes associated with it, the commercial details that you would like to explain and the media file i.e. the 16 x 4 size image file that you would like to add in it to make your brand image.
The details of your product listings along with the current status of your product can be seen under the Product Listing bar.

Your On-The-Go Virtual Identity:

Don’t forget to register for our AWOK Selling Program to have market insights for supply chain management and a hands-on experience in relationship building with your current and potential customers.
Portray your Brand Image by making your own portfolio of products that you would like to feature in your AWOK Selling Account. Update your business portfolio to represent your Company by providing aspirational products that your customers would love to add in their cart.
AWOK Seller Program expresses the brand image of your product offerings by showing the quality of your listed items along with the benefits associated it.
For further assistance, you can contact us by logging in to You can also contact us by calling on our 24/7 available UAN.
Registering Now for our AWOK seller program to expand your business.

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