Audi A3 2019 Quick and Brief Review

December 16, 2018

Though we may not find the Audi A3 2019 for sale as for now, it is already spotted testing on the roads. So, it is clear that it is a production-ready exterior phase and may go on sale in 2020. The near future will replace the current Audi model with the Audi A3 2019 which is claimed to be in works since 2012. It is expected to raise the bar as a response to the Mercedes-Benz A-class. Interestingly, all the test cars seen so far have five doors. You would better be used to this configuration as Audi is probably trying to drop the 3-door model. Previously, we have already seen this with A1 too. The three-door versions aren’t quite practical and don’t sell in huge numbers. Let us look further into the Audi A3 2019 review from all those expert reviews taken so far.

Audi A3 2019 Refined Style

Don’t get disappointed with Audi! As with the remaining Audi models, you may not find many radical changes. However, it is trying to adapt the freshest look in an evolutionary sense. The front end is dominated by Audi’s large single-frame grille combined with the flat hood, angular DRL’s and matrix LED headlights. Even the LED tail lamps of the Audi A3 2019 used the similar outer shape as the headlights. The rear bumper has chiseled cutouts and contains slim reflector lens. Whilst, we did not get a chance to set eyes in the internal design of the Audi A3 2019. But, it is expected to have slightly increased dimensions so as to fix the cramped rear leg room of the current model. From all the snapshots received, we can find that even the A3 not getting the continuous air-vent strip as in all the larger models.

Audi A3 2019

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Audi A3 2019 Performance

While the next generation Mercedes A-class rival is in due for the next year, some of them have already spied testing on this new arrival. The prototype clearly shows that design will follow the Audi latest design trend along with a geometric front and sharper headlights. The new Audi A3 will be one of the two new compact Audis that are rumored to be in development. The other model being the electric car that is built on new VW group MEB architecture. Firstly, the Audi A3 2019 in a wide range of diesel engines globally. Some of these are expected to get important updates. However, as expected all of them are likely to borrow from the Volkswagen Golf. will be the first in series to get a five-door hatchback. It is currently available The engine range may contain 1.0-litre, 1.5-liter and 2.0-litre TFSI petrol units with fuel-saving cylinder deactivation technology. The 2.0-liter engine is sure to carry over huge improvements. Moreover, the new car will continue the trend to use the German brands’ flexible MOB architecture. This is the common platform for even the upcoming SEAT Leon and Volkswagen Golf Mk8. All these models are tipped to debut in the coming year. Expect to get subtle refinements in the steering and suspension. It is more likely to get an adaptive cruise with stop-and-go, park assist, traffic jam assist and also active lane keeping.

Audi A3 2019

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Audi A3 2019 Vs 2018

After going through the entire review, we can find that there are only minor changes for the new Audi A3 this year. Audi preferred to do some revisions to the A3 grille, and headlights thus enhancing the overall Audi’s aggressive appearance. Since it is built on the latest generation VW groups MQB architecture, it will be even lighter and dynamic than the previous version. Furthermore, Audi A3 2019 may get better interior space along with the integration of advanced technology. Apart from featuring the typical suite of small diesel and petrol engines that are commonly used for all the modern Audi’s, we will get to see a couple of new ones as well. Rather than the current A3 e-Tron, there might be a proper e-Tron plug-in hybrid variant for this new model. Thankfully! We could even see the new Audi RS3 with the 2.5-liter turbocharged inline-five making up more than the current 400hp. Overall, the more technology, more powertrain options, more luxury along with the better looks is making it extremely popular ahead of its debut.

Audi A3 2019

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Audi A3 2019 Price in Dubai

Though Sedan and e-Tron version of the Sportback is sold out in the U.S, the A3 hatchback isn’t sold since many generations. And even the new model is likely to follow the same trend and may remain just as a European affair. As for the Audi A3 2019 price in UAE, it is expected to increase from AED 100840 to AED 106342. Being one of the fantastic looking car around with the impressive interiors, new engines and integration of the advanced technology such as voice recognition augmented reality, use of a camera to display real surroundings and the on-screen directions make it really an impressive stuff and a tough competitor in particular segment.

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