Asus ROG 2.0 Rumors, Specifications, Design and Price

September 18, 2018

Gaming phones used to be a niche market but now many of the brands entering into this segment by bringing up some amazing phones which will not only be the smartphones but uploaded with the features help to support and enhance the high-end graphics of the games. Some of the gaming phones are already in the market like Razor phone, Xiaomi Black Shark, Asus ROG and Honor Play which has been appreciated and loved by the customers. One of the best gaming phones was considered to be Asus ROG as it delivers a nonstop gaming experience, created an association with the extra gadgets specially designed to strengthen the phone gaming. The rumors are now exaggerating about the release of the Asus ROG 2.0 in UAE, as we know that Razor phone 2 is also in the making that is leading to the expectations links towards to the Asus as well, while some of the fans have already released the amazing concept videos of the Asus ROG 2.0.  The video is being liked and shared by numerous but we know that the probability is not high for the phone to be envisioned like that by the manufacturer.


Design and Body:

Further, the excitement level is on top because the gaming phones have caught the trend. By initializing this segment not only the brands but the customers are also amused.  The revolutionary design of the phone and the concept reveal some exceptional elements which are exhilarating enough. The ROG phone 2.0 in Dubai is supposed to be launched with the sleek metallic body, high definition lens dual camera set up, streamlined air vents and the sliding selfie camera which is making the smartphone almost bezel-less. This sliding camera concept has already seen in the Oppo Find X.  There is no confirmation about the display size or type but we do suspect some latest infusion for the better graphics view.



For an ultimate gaming encounter, it is the first thing which clicks the mind that what processor and hardware is going to support the phone. Well the Asus ROG was released with the Snapdragon 845 and 2.96 GHz, the newer version is expected to be much more advanced and solid, occupied with the Snapdragon 855 running at 3+ GHz.  The RAM speculations are touching the sky as the sliding selfie camera set up hints more room to fit in the extra RAM. Some of the experts suggest that the RAM would be 10GB in the upcoming gaming phone Asus ROG 2.0.  The rear camera seems to relocate to the top center which could be 12MP plus 16MP.

Extra Gadgets:

Last time we have witnessed many of the supporting gadgets with the phone which were specially designed to give the ultra thrilling game exposure.  There were aero active coolers, extra buttons, twin view dock, mobile desktop dock and wi-gig dock features attached with the Asus ROG phone. The concept video doesn’t reveal any of the extra gadgets but we do foresee some extraordinary elements for the Asus ROG 2.0 as well.


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Release Date and Price in Dubai:

There is no confirmation about the release and price of Asus ROG 2.0 in Dubai or globally. The concept has been displayed by one of the fans which are eventually procrastinating on the future that we soon going to observe the phone in reality.

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