Apple Watch Series 4 Price in Dubai, Specifications & Release Date UAE

July 13, 2018

Every year, Apple comes up with a new version of its wearable and it has been doing so since 2015. And even this year, Apple is planning to upgrade its smartwatch lineup with another version. This new device named Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to have the same dimensions but may come with a large display, efficient sensors, and other technical aspects, which ensures fast performance. So here are the rumored Apple Watch 4 features that will give an idea of what the upcoming device will be like.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Features & Specifications:

One of the latest reports has claimed that the new Apple Watch Series 4 will sport a large display, compared to what we have seen in the previous Apple Watch Series 3. Besides, it might be offered in two versions. The smaller version will measure between 1.57-inches, whereas the dimensions of the bigger version will be 1.78-inches. These measurements clearly indicate that the upcoming smartwatch will probably have 30% more screen area compared to the previous models. One of the sources indicates that the new smartphone from Apple will have a design makeover, and this is even mentioned by one of the Apple sources itself. It is said to come with an edge-to-edge display. As the dimensions will be the same, this Apple smartwatch will allow using the existing bands. To differentiate from the last year Series 3, there will be a red circle around the crown.

Another report states that Apple Watch 4 in Dubai will come equipped with a massive battery, which will deliver better performance while supporting all over activities performed using the wearable. Similar to the fitness trackers, this smartphone’s battery is also expected to last for a long time.

Apple Watch Series 4

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One of the leaks suggests that Apple Watch 4 will have much advanced and faster circuit boards, which will help receive stable LTE signals, and come with good resistance to heat and moisture. The improvement to anticipate in this wearable would be the chipset. The previous model was indeed upgraded with an efficient chipset such as the new dual core 64-bit processor that doubles up the performance . Its swiftness is easily noticeable when loading apps, which are not instant. Hence, the chipset in the upcoming smartwatch is expected to be much faster and offer better performance as in the Apple iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

According to another report, Apple Watch 4 will have a new software named StreamKit, which allows using the Spotify app on this device. If this happens to be true, it is a great news for Apple users who don’t use Apple Music. But there is no information about this software yet, but rumors mention that it allows cellular versions to accept app push notifications directly to the watch.

In addition to these, a few more aspects are expected to be in the Apple Watch Series 4 like improved apps and software updates, better fitness tracking features, improvised version of Siri and overall a better performance in all the areas. It can send notifications when the heart rate is low or in case the heart rhythm is irregular. The new sensor in the Apple Watch Series 4 can also measure ECG which was quite impossible before.

Apple Watch Series 4

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Apple Watch 4 Release Date In UAE:

Based on the reports, the Apple Watch 4 release date in UAE is most likely to be during one of the company’s events in September. And probably after a couple of weeks, the device might go on sale. Hence, we can anticipate the official announcement in the early or mid-September and the Apple Watch 4 release date in Dubai to be in late September or early October.

Apple Watch 4 Price In UAE:

Although the actual Apple Watch 4 price in UAE is not yet revealed, a few sources have come up with estimated prices of this upcoming device based on the variants. According to these sources, the Apple Watch 4 price in Dubai for for the cellular network will be around AED 1832. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch 4 price in Dubai with GPS might carry a price tag of approximately AED 1465.

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  • this was a nice blog ,i was really amazed to know that we can actually generate a ecg with the help of apple watch 4 series ,it was clear that apple watch 4 series was mainly focused on the fitness and health monitoring of users. that was great !!

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  • As Apple Watch Series 4 is coming in two different dimensions it is best ,as few people prefer bigger display dials over smaller.massive batteryof apple watch 4 would be a added advantage,which will deliver better performance while supporting all over activities performed using the wearable. No doubt as apple has always been a best wearable manufacturer.

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