Apple Watch 4 Might Sport The EKG Heart Monitor

December 28, 2017

It’s not just Apple phones, but smartwatches from the brand also have great demand in Gulf regions. The Apple Watch 3 has been quite successful, thus encouraging it to bring in more such devices.

Currently, the company is working on the Apple Watch 4, which will possibly come out next year in September.

There’s no much information available yet about the upcoming device, but the latest reports suggest that it will carry an EKG Heart monitor.

EKG, also known as electrocardiograms, is useful to find out heart abnormalities. The EKG monitor uses electric signals to detect any issue or abnormality related to the heart.


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With this device featuring a built-in monitor, there’s no need of attaching a series of leads to the body. Instead, the user can get the tests done just by squeezing the device.

By adding this monitor, Apple is aiming to help users to keep track of their heart condition. Hence, the device is no longer restricted to performing smart tasks but acts as an important medical tool as well.

But Apple still has to work to get the technology right, especially considering the EKG monitor’s accuracy of providing cardiovascular information. If successful, the upcoming watch would make waves in the wearable tech industry.

As for the specifications, we can expect it to be more performance-centric compared to the last models. What is anticipated in the Apple Watch 4 is an improved battery, more fitness features, circular option, improvements to Siri and a few others.

Based on the previous models, the Apple Watch 4 price in Dubai is expected to be somewhere around AED1208. Then again, this might be the starting price for the 38mm version, which might go up further for the 42mm model.
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