How ECG Works On New Apple Watch Series 4? Heart Rate Monitor Guide

September 15, 2018

Apple event has bought some really amazing stuff for its customers. It was indeed one of the biggest and anticipated events of the year 2018. Not only the iPhone XS and iPhone XR has made the grand entry but the iPhone XS Max and the Apple Watch Series 4 has intrigued the fans with the exceptional features and upgrades.  One of the noticeable things in the Apple Watch Series 4 is been observed that it is redesigned as a device which helps you to keep the track of your health. Apple has focused extensively to enhance Apple Watch Series 4 capabilities to detect, read and analyze the accurate heart rate. Simply we can conclude that Apple Watch Series 4 is modified into a medical device as well, what else we could want when a smartwatch is giving you the accurate data and saving the time and hassle of traveling to the hospital. This watch has the functionality to detect in-depth heart rate and details which are called an ECG or EKG. The previous versions and other competitive smartwatches are able to give only the stats of heart rate but this health watch is the complete heart rate monitor.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Heart Rate Monitor Function:

The in-depth details of the heart rate including the electrical pulses and its frequency are known as electrocardiogram which is most commonly called an ECG in the medical terminology.  The technique used by Apple to have the ECG is known as Photoplethysmography. Human blood has the red color because of absorbing the green color. The green LEDs are used with the photodiodes which make the watch to note down the frequency of blood motion in the wrist.  There are also infrared lights paired to have the complete picture of the heart beats. This technology functions exactly like the portable devices available for ECG, used by many patients at home.  Apple has made this essential part of its Watch Series 4 by having the detailed analysis of its earlier smartwatch user data and realized its importance by observing that how Apple Watch Series 4 can alert its users of any potential danger of heart abnormality.  Apple Watch Series 4 in Dubai and worldwide is much appreciated because of its extraordinary medical enrichment. This fitness watch has eventually turned into an ECG or EKG monitor plus also can be called as the heart rate monitor because of the depth analysis by it.

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Steps to Note ECG in Apple Watch Series 4:

Well, there is no difficulty or any special steps to note down your ECG in Apple Watch Series 4. Whether you live in Dubai or anywhere in the world the Apple has bought feasibility in your life by becoming a potential health advisor. You just have to put the finger on the screen crown of the Apple Watch after opening the ECG app and you will have the full review of your heart beats and flow.  This app of ECG is also FDA certified.


Analysis of Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Results:

The results would be revealed in the very simplified way on the display. The picture below explains the output of the ECG. The first display on the left side is the result which would be on the home screen of the Apple smartwatch.  The mid and last display is the detailed explanation of how it has been inscribed by the smartwatch.  There is also an option for the graphical representation of the overall heart rate fluctuations.


Apple Watch Series 4 Alerts:

The smartwatch has also the ability to keep the record of the user and if there is any changes or frequent up and downs the Apple fitness watch will give the alerts to the user of the heartbeat abnormalities. All the record is being saved from walking to eating lunch, resting and sleeping position as well.


Apple Watch Series 4 Release Date and Price in Dubai:

Apple Watch Series 4 has already revealed and would be soon available and released in Dubai. Whereas the Apple Watch Series 4 prices in UAE is expected to be higher than the Apple Watch Series 3 which would be around 1500 to 1900 AED depending upon the model as two models are launched.

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