Apple iPhone XS and XS Max eSIM – Dual Sim Support Soon in UAE

September 18, 2018

Apple iPhone enthusiasts in UAE will get to experience the taste of dual SIM support with the latest iPhone models. Recently, the Cupertino company introduced two new smartphones Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max. Replacing the regular single SIM model, the tech giant now preferred to include dual-SIM variant thus bridging the gap between the Android smartphones and Apple iPhones. Of the two Apple iPhone dual SIM slots, one would support the regular SIM while other supports an eSIM. The availability of dual SIM capability is always an added feature, especially in this latest generation. Well! For those who are aware of the Apple iPhone eSIM, it is well and good! What if we are not aware of how to activate the eSIM card option on Apple iPhones. Not to worry! We are here to help you understand what is eSIM and how it works on the device.

All About Apple iPhone eSIM- How it Works?

The latest iPhones, Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR sports dual SIM cards thus allowing the user to use two numbers on the same device. One slot is for the physical SIM that can be taken from the local stores and can be activated. The other being eSIM slot only after scanning QR code or by providing required parameters manually. To mention, this is not the first device to sports eSIM, the latest Apple Watch Series 3 cellular edition is the first from this company to use an eSIM. Since the eSIM or embedded SIM can’t be removed physically after its installation on the device, it is believed to be more efficient as well as reduces the chance of mechanic failure. While some of the cellular services already have the option of eSIM and is bring implemented on Apple Watch Series LTE. So, the latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max may use the same setup.

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Apart from the Cupertino company, even Google implemented this eSIM on Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL but made it restricted to some of the international markets. Now it is unsure if Apple follows the same strategy by restricting it to few markets. If it is available in UAE, then the iPhone eSIM will be a separate number apart from the physical SIM card. The best part with the Apple iPhone eSIM is you need not stick on to the same network throughout the life. Despite it is integrated permanently into the handset, still, there is a feasibility to shift from one network to another without physically changing SIM. Currently, in UAE, there are no telecom providers that support eSIM. However, the popular telecom providers in UAE such as Etisalat claimed that going along with the Apple work, even they will try to include eSIM service in the UAE markets in the near future. So, the iPhone enthusiasts in UAE need to wait a bit longer to get the eSIM technology. Currently, in UAE you can pre-order Apple iPhone XR starting from October 19th and will go on sale from October 26th.

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