Latest Apple iPhone XI Render Reveal Triple Rear Camera And a Square Camera Bump

January 9, 2019

In 2018, Apple unveiled three new iPhones Apple iPhone XS, Apple iPhone XS Max, and Apple iPhone XR. This was not as successful as it is expected to be. Continuing this lineup, the Cupertino company is likely to introduce three more new iPhones. The Apple iPhone 2019 rumors still not have taken full gear, however, we got to hear renders about one of the upcoming Apple iPhone that is alleged to be Apple iPhone XI. The most popular tipster and renowned leaker Onleaks and suggest the 2019 iPhone prototypes. Though it is too early to predict the upcoming iPhones, the leaks are forcing us to discuss more the futuristic iPhones.

The images rendered show that the Apple iPhone XI could feature three rear cameras that are packed in a square camera bump. First and second camera sensors are aligned vertically. The Apple iPhone XI camera will be accompanied by an LED flash. These leaks are based on the EVT hardware, so these designs are not been finalized yet. EVT is nothing but an Engineering Validation Test that is the first stage of Apple hardware. The next stage will be the DVT (Design Validation Test) and finally PVT (Production Validation Test). Since the device is still in the testing phase, we could expect major changes to happen by the time the device launches officially in September event. Though the design is not final, the renders reveal rear panel to be made of glass while the Apple logo will be positioned in the same top center. Additionally, when we have a close look at the rendered image, there is even a microphone that is nestled at the bottom right corner of the camera bump.

apple iphone xi

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Though this idea of the triple rear camera Apple iPhone XI is rolling around, still experts believe this odd design implementation to be something unexpected. For those customers expecting for the removal of the camera, bump might definitely need to reset their expectations. The design might look a bit crazy for many, but Apple may have a functional reason behind this concept design. Perhaps, the Cupertino company is looking forward to more separation between lenses in order to make it capable to generate more accurate depth than the present dual rear camera of Apple iPhones. Triple rear camera concept has been initiated by the Huawei company with the launch of Huawei P20 Pro. And now almost all the Android smartphone manufacturers are trying to integrate three rear cameras as it can help capture better photos. It further enables the device to collect more color and light information. Even the Cupertino company is trying to join this list by integrating a triple rear camera, of which the third sensor will be a depth sensor instead of an RGB sensor.

Yes! It is really exciting to find the three camera concept in the Apple iPhones, but this would definitely increase the production costs thus affecting the overall Apple iPhone XI price. Given that Apple is known for using dedicated high-quality components, we can expect the cost to boom further. Already, the Cupertino company has reduced sales for its higher price tag and the company came up with different strategies in order to boost up the sales. Again now the company is setting another standard that could definitely affect overall price. Onleaks have a good history of predicting the details of Apple new hardware concept. Earlier, we got to see the Apple iPad Pro design that came out to be true in September 2018 and even it maintained accuracy in the Apple iPhone X hardware components. So, considering this record, we could definitely expect the upcoming Apple iPhone XI to feature the alleged triple rear camera with square camera bump.

apple iphone xi

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Furthermore, Bloomberg reported that Sony is increasing its production of the 3D sensors after several smartphone manufacturers including Apple showed their interest in this technology. Previously in April 2018, we have already seen many rumors about the upcoming Apple iPhone with a triple camera system. As the company is ought to introduce three new iPhones, at least one among the Apple iPhones 2019 will come in with a triple camera system. If this is to be true then it would be an added advantage for Apple fans as they got to experience features as in Android smartphones. However, the iPhone users still need to bear the camera bump that seems to be irritating for a few. Irrespective of the features, Apple is likely to launch new iPhones in the second half of 2019. Market analysts further claim that smartphone users will get to find more phones with triple camera system this year. Now, we need to wait until the official confirmation from the company to find more details about Apple iPhones 2019.

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