Apple iPhone X Bentley Edition With A Luxury Upgrade

February 3, 2018

Apple iPhone X is one of the premium and expensive smartphones from the brand so far. With this device, the Cupertino company brought in the thin bezel-less display screen of high resolution. Besides, it is packed with many other premium elements such as the Face ID, Animojis, powerful processor and so on.

If you are bowled over these features, then let us tell you, the special iPhone X Bentley Edition will certainly leave you amazed and speechless. The Apple iPhone X Bentley is a limited edition of the device, which is out now in the UAE market.

Only 100 units of the handset being released right now, but buying them may seem difficult not only because of its limited stock but mainly because of its sky-rocketing price. However, the exact iPhone X Bentley Edition price in UAE is not yet mentioned online.


Apart from price, what makes it luxurious is the 18k gold plating to its back panel, which is simply stunning. It should be noted that the Apple logo goes mission on the phone and instead, replaced by the Bentley winged logo. Not just the logo, but the lettering “Special Edition For Bentley” at the bottom of the back panel also remains a highlight.

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The gold colored ring surrounding the camera module and a few striking patterns run through the panel, thus giving it an appealing look.

Currently, it is rumored that the brand is working on the iPhone XC concept, which may fall in the budget price bracket when released.

Last year, the Apple iPhone X created waves in the market when it was released. It rivals with some of the other popular phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus among others.

This handset is offered with a variety of accessories and car mount holders are one among them. If you own the device and looking for these accessories, then check out the 5 best car mounts for Apple iPhone X.

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