Apple iPad Pro 2020 Release Date, Specs, Rumors, and Price

February 13, 2020

After the iPad Pro 2018, Apple did not introduce any tablet series. So, Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the next-generation model. Though there are no precise details of the alleged iPad Pro, the leaks and rumors hint few features of the upcoming iPad. If rumors are to be accurate, then the new iPad Pro 2020 in Dubai is just a few weeks away. So, what to look for in the upcoming iPad Pro 2020? Whatever may be the specs and design, it is highly likely to get some great apps intended for artists, designers, and illustrators. With the 2018 model, the Cupertino company removed the headphone jack, but the advanced A12X processor was a highlight. There was no iPad Pro in 2020. So, what’s in store for 2020? Let us see a few rumors and leaks surrounding the Apple iPad 2020 in the UAE. 

Apple iPad Pro 2020 Release Date UAE

Usually, Apple tends to unveil the iPads in Spring that occurs in March. The first Apple iPad went on sale in March, so there is every chance for the new iPad Pro 2020 to be available in the next March. The official iPad Pro 2020 release date is not yet revealed, so we need to wait for a little to get more details. 

iPad Pro 2020

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Apple iPad Pro 2020 Specs, Rumors, and More

In 2018, Apple redesigned the Apple iPad Pro lineup, and we are not expecting massive changes in the 2020 models. The design is rumored to be nearly the same with super-slim bezels, USB Type-C charging, plus the ability to attach Apple pencil magnetically to the side. Interestingly! You will be able to charge it wirelessly. There is every chance for the change in the rear camera setup. Otherwise, the design looks similar to the Apple iPad Pro 11. If the display size doesn’t change, then the iPad Pro 2020 in Dubai should come up with an 11-inches model and a 12.9-inches model. 

Both the iPad Pro 2020 models offer True Tone technology, fully laminated display, and ProMotion technology. Speculations suggest the display to be upgraded to Micro-LED panels. However, it is even highly possible for the Cupertino company to stick with Liquid Retina IPS display. The specifications of the rear camera are likely to get an upgrade in the new iPad Pro models. Rumors hint the device to get a triple rear camera as in the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone Pro rear camera can shoot ultra-wide photos and videos. So, it is expected that the iPad Pro can offer similar video capabilities. Heard of a ToF sensor? Yes! We are talking of the Time of Flight sensor. Recent rumors suggest the upcoming iPad Pro get a ToF sensor that can enhance the AR experience. 

iPad pro 2020

It is even rumored that the upcoming Apple iPad Pro 2020 to get a 3D sensor system that is advanced than of the current Face ID. The next-generation iPad Pro model is expected to pack in the new processor A13 or A13X. Talking of the storage options, it is likely to be similar to current models with 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. What about the 5G? The first 5G iPhones are expected to come up in 2020. So, the 5G can’t appear in iPads before iPhone models. The battery capacity will be slightly improved. No doubt! The new iPad Pro model gets an Apple Pencil compatibility as it is seen since the Pro line is introduced. 

Apple iPad Pro 2020 price in UAE

There isn’t much information about when Apple unveils the iPad models. Even the pricing is unknown, but considering the price of the similar models, there is a good chance that the Apple iPad Pro 2020 price in UAE starts at AED 2934 for the 11-inch model and AED 3669 for the 12.9-inch model. As the iPad Pro models are always priced at a higher level, the price likely remains the same for the upcoming iPad Pro models.

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