Apple iOS 13: Everything We Know About Future Apple’s Mobile OS

January 5, 2019

While all eyes are towards the upcoming Apple iPhones, it is likely that ahead of its launch we could probably see the new operating system from Apple which is claimed to the Apple iOS 13. There are already several Apple iOS 13 rumors milling around ahead of its launch. Though it is been only three months since the iOS 12 made its appearance in the mobile devices, we could find many users eagerly waiting for the future Apple mobile operating system. It was spotted online with several rumored features. The past iOS 12 was released with the main focus of the bug fixes, and the futuristic mobile operating system is said to focus mainly on the inclusion of the advanced and exciting features that were said to be delayed by the Cupertino company. Here, we will discuss more the Apple iOS 13 release date and the rumored features that we have heard so far.

Apple iOS 13 Release Date

We could find several Apple iPhones and iPads in works. But what could be the operating system in which these futuristic Apple devices could run on? The news outlets have already spotted Apple iOS 13. It is true that the Cupertino company will not be announcing the new mobile operating system until WWDC 2019 that will take place in June. Ahead of its launch, it would definitely go through the beta testing phase and would roll out to the public by September 2019. This is the pattern that the company is following for the past few years. We could also spot the concept video of the Apple iOS 13 with some exciting changes that users are expecting to see in the upcoming operating system. Definitely, users would love the changes when it comes to reality. It has improved multitasking on iPads, the ability to run multiple applications side by side, split-screen apps and more. Also, users gain access to lock specific apps in order to ensure privacy and security.

Apple iOS 13

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Apple iOS 13 Rumored Features

With the main focus on the Apple iPad, the upcoming Apple mobile operating system is alleged to hold all the ability to work with multiple windows. The iOS 11 was all about iPads, and the iOS 12 main focus was on the Apple iPhones. Next year we are going to get a new mobile OS with its focus on iPad. We can expect the home screen redesign considering all the unused space available on the devices. This new home screen is likely to be titled as “Springboard”. Rumors around also claim the OS to prefer Apple pencil improvements, though it is quite unclear.

Additionally, the Cupertino company is said to be in works on a special project called Project Marzipan in order to unify the APIs of the different operating system. This allows developers to create an application that works across iPhones, iPads and even on Macs. Interestingly, the Apple iOS 13 rumors also hint for the tons of new emojis. Apple being a member of the Emoji Consortium, it wouldn’t be a surprise to get all new symbols as a part of Apple iOS 13 features. Furthermore, Apple is looking forward to improvise the Siri in iOS 12. It is trying to make it more useful by customizing more Siri phrases that can perform a string of actions. We have seen many shortfalls that make the Siri lag behind the Google Assistant and Alexa. So, the company is likely to focus on all these shortfalls and make it have better voice recognition, with faster response times. It would be made capable enough to render accurate answers for the much broader set of questions.

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Apple iOS 13

According to the Bloomberg report, the new software that is in works with the code name “Yukon” will bring in huge upgrades to the files app and even gives out improved multitasking capabilities. There is no doubt that the last year Apple iOS 12 was a fantastic option, but at the same time, it is even boring. In the iOS 12, the Cupertino company mainly focused on bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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Few reports also claim that Apple has delayed many new and exciting features in order to focus on optimizing iOS 12. The result is fine, all the iPhones and iPads feel completely new now with improved battery life, and enhanced performance. The only downside was there were no exciting features to talk about in iOS 12. Here comes the need of the iOS 13 which we hope to be completely different from the previous update. We expect the Apple to comes up with all those exciting new features at least for the iOS 13. We all are aware of the fact that Apple doesn’t want to show off these new features in prior, but now that iOS 13 is been actively tested before its release we could definitely see many leaks in the near future.

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