Apple Is Going To Launch Foldable iPhone

March 7, 2019

Almost all the smartphone manufacturers including Huawei, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Motorola and Lenovo are ought to introduce the foldable smartphones. Even the Cupertino company is in the race to debut foldable iPhone. So, how does the foldable iPhone look like? When will the company launch the innovative foldable iPhone? Well! Nothing is sure of whether the Apple foldable iPhone is real or not! While the South Korean giant is expected to unveil the Samsung foldable phone by the name Samsung Galaxy F or Galaxy Fold. There are several other companies that are likely to follow this trend this year. Though there is no exact or confirmed information of whether the foldable iPhone is in works or not, the patents reveal a basic sketch of the alleged foldable iPhone.

Apple Foldable iPhone Release Date

Though the Cupertino company has filed a patent for the foldable device, it doesn’t mean that Apple is working on such an iPhone. Moreover, there is no particular timeline of when such device could reach the market. However, if rumors are to be true then Apple could unveil the innovative foldable device by 2020 or maybe 2021. Interestingly, the company could use a different approach to develop such a foldable screen iPhone.

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Apple Foldable iPhone Patent

The latest Apple patent outlines the basic design of the foldable smartphone. As already specified, it prefers to follow a different approach in order to make it stand against its competitors. Irrespective of the design language the company is trying to include, it is quite good to find that even the Cupertino based company is following its rivals to debut a phone with a flexible display. Instead of preferring the foldable design with a screen folding inwards, the company is going for a wrap-around screen. In simple terms, the screen instead of hidden will be displayed on the outer end of the device. Perhaps, the phone with the outward display is quite easier to implement and handle. However, this could make the device a bit bulkier than the device with the inward folding screen. The foldable patent application suggests the device having a display with a hinge that could fold in half or thirds. Considering this factor, the company writes in the patent application as “It would be desirable to be able to use flexible display technology to provide improved electronic devices”.

Apple foldable iPhone

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So, this display could be used in almost any electronic devices from phones, tablets to laptops and even mobile accessories. It shows a complete of 24 images displaying different ways of how the phones could be bent. Importantly, this is not only applicable to the iPhones, but also for the Macs and iPads. For instance, one of the images displays the screen bent such that it is sitting in a pyramid shape. This means two persons sitting across each could look at the same display. It is even true that the company regularly files many patents but some of them have never actually made into the market. So, it is still unsure of whether the foldable iPhone will be a reality or just a patent. However, considering the present generation wherein all the manufacturers are trying to introduce foldable phones at the earliest, we expect even the Cupertino company to follow the path and debut foldable iPhone by 2020.

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