Apple AirPods 2 Vs Powerbeats Pro – Features Explained

April 10, 2019

Apple has recently announced the Powerbeats Pro through which the company is foraying into the wireless earbuds segment. With the announcement, Apple just tried to tease with some leaks about the accessory and the release date is yet to be disclosed. These are pretty much the same as the second generation AirPods, but these emphasize more on fitness and exercises than on daily activities. Apple AirPods 2 were also unveiled recently with new H1 headphone chips and improved battery. However, the earbuds from Beats are more expensive. However, there are many similarities between the two sets of wireless earbuds, which we will find out in the following.

Powerbeats Pro Vs Apple AirPods 2 – Features Comparison:

1. Design:

Apple AirPods are just perfect for casual use and they come in a single size design. It sports a rounded bulb-like earpiece and a microphone-equipped tail that slightly extends out. Apart from this, it has no extra hook or follows any mechanism to remain fixed in the ears. Apple AirPods 2 comes in a charging case that is compact and small in size.

Meanwhile, Powerbeats Pro is apt for fitness. Its design language matches with that of the previous models from the brand featuring ear hooks that are positioned over the ears and in place. It also includes four ear tips of different sizes that help for a customizable fit. The Pro earbuds get pretty big and clamshell-like charging case.


2. Noise Isolation:

The beats earbuds make use of rubber ear tips that have four different sizes just like the conventional ones. These are specifically designed to fit perfectly in ears and to isolate outside noises.

AirPods, on the other hand, have nothing like ambient noise filtering as they basically are not designed to sit tightly in the place. According to Apple, the sound was the main focus when developing Powerbeats Pro, which offers great dynamic range, balanced audio, improved clarity, and pure sound reproduction. However, the company doesn’t say the same for its AirPods and just describe them of offering rich, high-quality sound.

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3. Physical Buttons:

With AirPods 2, users can change music tracks and even activate Siri despite having no physical buttons.

As Powerbeats Pro is large and has more surface area, it includes physical buttons used for changing songs, receiving or disconnecting calls, and even for volume adjustment.

However, power buttons lack in both the earbuds but their functionality remains the same. They come turned on when taken out of the charging case and turn off when they are placed back in the case. These accessories also change to sleep mode if it goes inactive for a longer period.


4. Processor, Sensors, and Siri Support:

Both the AirPods 2 and Powerbeats Pro are powered by the same H1 chip that ensures fast connectivity to devices, lower latency and allows quick switching between devices.

5. Price Difference:

Apple AirPods price in Dubai comes to around AED 730 for the model that comes with a wireless charging case, whereas the version without the charging case can be bought at approximately AED 585. On the other hand, the Powerbeats Pro price in UAE is nearly AED 920.


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