The first Apple 5G iPhone will launch in 2020

November 7, 2018

Apple is the leader in the smartphone world and there is no doubt about it, the recent releases of Apple iPhones are the proof to that, people are intrigued about the new iPhones whereas, the fans in Dubai are much concerned to know what is Apple up to for the next devices. There are high expectations from Apple as it has been always much involved in delivering the futuristic devices which later becomes the inspiration for the other brands as well. The new advancement of foldable phones and the 5G element has already captured hearts by the trending all over the internet. Apple iPad Pro 2019 concept design has also been revealed. But what next is the rumor that Apple’s first 5G iPhone will launch in 2020? This leak has worked like a magic for the fans in Dubai and now they are much anticipated to witness the Apple 5G iPhone which would be a tough competition for the rival smartphones of 2020.

Apple 5G iPhone

Design and Display:

There is a rumor that Apple will launch the 5G iPhone in 2020, the revelation of new iPad Pro 2018, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and Apple Watch Series 4 has bought a lot to the market with the upgraded and advanced features infused into it but still the question remains unanswered that what would be the design and concept of the 5G iPhone which is not confirmed but the speculations are that it might be the next variant of Apple iPhone Pro 2019 with the similar design of foldability.

Apple 5G iPhone


Apple and Intel cold and the warm relation are not unknown for anyone, the Apple 5G iPhone hoax started when the news got leaked that Intel 5G modem 8161 will be used in the manufacturing of the 2020 Apple iPhones. Moreover, it is also reported that Qualcomm might also manufacture the 5G modem for Apple in case of Intel failure. The other popular brands Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei will contain 5G modem chips made by Qualcomm which has claimed that its modems have managed the heat dissipation issues.  Well, the actual release of the 5G iPhone can clear the doubts for the 5G modem manufacturer. The fans in Dubai want to know a lot about the new upcoming 5G iPhone so we will keep updating it time to time with the progress.

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Apple 5G iPhone

Apple 5G iPhone Price in UAE:

There is no official confirmation about the price tag of Apple 5G iPhone and we have no clue that what will be the costing, unfortunately, there is no clue about the estimated price of 5G iPhone in UAE.

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Apple 5G iPhone Release Date in UAE:

The new 5G iPhone is expected to release in 2020 but there can’t be any surety about the month and date so we can speculate it to be September 2020 or October 2020 by following the recent event pattern of Apple.  If the similar series of event occurred and Apple remained successful to deliver the 5G iPhone in 2020 then November or December 2020 would be the time of the year to suspect the availability of Apple 5G iPhone in Dubai.

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