Android Q To Bring In The Most Anticipated System-Wide Dark Mode

January 11, 2019

Despite the Android, Pie is out in the market, still not all Android smartphones run on this latest Android OS. And, we already get to hear many rumors rolling around the next new operating system, Android Q. Intentionally or unintentionally, but even the Google is revealing some of the exciting features of the Android Q operating system. One of the primary Android Q features is the Google adoption of dark mode for its Google apps. According to the latest report, ahead of the Android Q release date, Google almost confirmed another extraordinary feature of this operating system. Recently, we have seen the search giant introducing the dark mode themes across all its services. Back in November 2018, the company has acknowledged saying that this mode will help conserve battery life, especially on the smartphones with OLED panels. Working ahead on these lines, the company is now all set to embrace the same system-wide dark mode with its next bigger Android OS update.

Android Q

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The dark mode is the most anticipated feature on the Android platform. Since the introduction of the Android 5.0 Lollipop with its material design UI, we have seen the Android UI and its framework with darker colors, but this has been changed with the material design. Google has finally realized that the dark mode is not only good for eyes but can also improve battery life on smartphones using OLED display panels. This was accidentally confirmed in the Chromium Gerrit, a Google-created tracker. It revealed a title stating  “Modify Core UI elements and create a setting to enable Dark Mode” for the Google Chrome feature. Googler further stated that “dark mode is an approved [Android] Q feature.” It goes on stating “[Android] Q team wants to ensure that all preloaded apps support dark mode natively. In order to ship dark mode successfully, we need all UI elements to be ideally themed dark by May 2019.” Googler also confirms that there will be a toggle to implement dark mode under settings-→display. Furthermore, he advises the Chrome team to ensure that all UI elements are made adaptable to the system-wide dark mode. There is even a mention about the modification of loaded elements that could point to web pages given out with a dark background.

Though the dark mode themes are not pretty much new, but these days they have gained huge popularity. Google has already started to introduce this theme to all its services including YouTube, contacts, messages, phone and more. And now it is rolling down this feature to the Android smartphones with the next major update that is expected to be available later this year. Initially, it was thought that Android Pie would bring in this system-wide dark mode feature, but it did not happen as expected. Now, all eyes are towards the Android Q. And right now through all these rumors and the page revealed we can understand that the feature is actually in working status. In fact, we can find even more extensive dark mode in some of the Samsung and OnePlus devices.

Android Q

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Though it is a bit too early to talk about this rumor, we expect a high chance of this feature making its appearance in the final release date of Android Q. Moreover, the possibility of user-facing this feature anytime soon is rather slim. We need to wait until the official release of the beta version of Android Q to find the dark mode on Google Chrome for Android devices. In order to offer a truly dark mode experience, Google definitely needs to redo the present interface for its popular browser.

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