Android Q: Release Date, News, And Features We Know So Far

January 28, 2019

The latest Android operating system that is in use is Android 9 Pie. It is yet to be rolled out to numerous Android smartphones. And Google is already looking forward to the next generation mobile platform. Considering the naming series, Google is likely to pick up the next version name to be Android Q. Now, what the Q will be called as, is still a mystery. It is even unsure whether it will be termed as Android Q or Android 10. Google hasn’t released any information yet about the upcoming mobile operating system. But, thanks to the leaks and rumors that give us a hint about the Android Q features. Let us have a look at all those features that we know so far about the Android Q.

Android Q Release Date

Though Google did not specify anything about the Android Q release date, the rumors suggest the preview of Android Q drop in the first quarter of 2019, probably in March. This is the time when the Android Oreo and Android P were introduced. Despite its preview in March, Google will not roll out the update to the consumers until August 2019.

Android Q Features

Android Q System-Wide Dark Mode

It is like the system-wide dark mode is on its way with the Android Q. This seems to be the actual dark mode as all the supported apps can switch to the dark mode when enabled. Though this was the feature that was rumored to come in with Android Q, thanks to the early leaked build that already confirms its existence. In order to enable dark mode, navigate through display settings and select set dark mode. Also, there is an option to choose automatic which can change the system theme from dark mode to light mode and vice versa depending on the timing. While the Dark mode presence is highly likely, there is even a chance to get a night mode as it is also spotted in the early Android builds. Let us wait and see if this feature will make its way with this official software.

Android Q Features

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Android Q Desktop Mode

Similar to the Samsung DeX even the stock Android is likely to get the interesting desktop mode feature. Though this is not made official, rumors suggest the presence of a new developer option that is termed as “force desktop mode” for which the description says “ force experimental desktop mode on secondary displays.” Despite its presence in the early builds, XDA developers were unable to enable the feature. However, this suggests that Google is in works to include the desktop mode feature for Android Q. Having this feature on Android Q could definitely be super useful as users can now be able to lot mode with their smartphones.

Android Q features

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Revamp to Permissions

With the Android Marshmallow, we have seen a whole new set of Android permissions making its way. Now, the same system is still continuing even with the upcoming Android Q. The Android Pie also brought in several permission enhancements that allowed users to have control over several app permissions. The permissions are further enhanced now and the users can now restrict the access for certain apps using the background location and more. This is really a great move from Google. Additionally, the permissions page may also receive an overhaul.

Android Q

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Access to More Developer Options

Though there is enough range of developer options available in the latest Android OS, still you are ought to get more developer options. According to the Android Q leaks and rumors, the user will now get back the ability to enable freeform Windows and would even get the most awaited feature of the built-in screen recorder. Along with this, there could be several other new options. Game Update Package preference option is another interesting feature to look for.

Android Q Features

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Multi-Monitor Support

With the Android Q, Google might introduce the ability to connect to the external monitor. This allows making use of both screens of either phone/tablet or any monitor simultaneously.

Which Devices Will Support Android Q?

Well! It is true that many smartphone users are still awaiting the Android Pie update, but many of us are still eager to find about the upcoming operating system and the devices to which it might be released for. At the moment, it is quite hard to predict. However, if you want to sure that you are one of those getting Android Q, then you must own the premium range smartphone running on Android Oreo. There is every chance for even the mid-range smartphones as well as the budget phones that come preinstalled with Android Oreo to join the high-end models in receiving the Android Q update.

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