Android Phone Running Slow? Here are the Common Causes

January 25, 2020

Own an Android phone? Of course, Yes! Then one of the common questions you ask yourself is, why is my Android phone running slow after a specific time? Remember the blazing speed of the device when it is out of the box? Inevitably! Over time the device lags down, and performance reduces. Don’t panic! Android running slow is quite normal than you think. So, what is the cause of this slow Android performance? There could be several reasons, but one thing that is seen from recent findings is the storage fragmentation is the root cause to slow down the device. Fortunately! You can fix the issue but with the right knowledge. Here we specify a few reasons that can affect Android smartphones and its performance. 

Background Apps

One of the most common causes is background apps. There is every chance for the user to install more app which tends to continue running in the background. They consume CPU resources, take up storage, and thereby slow down the device. So, check for the apps using background processes and uninstall/disable it. 

Android running slow

Storage is Nearly Full

When your device storage is nearly full, then the smartphone tends to slow down. Apart from the programs, apps, files, and other content, cache files also take up storage. It grows further if it remains unchecked. Clear cache file, remove unnecessary files, temporary files, or photos/videos. Back up the images in Google Drive and delete it from a smartphone. You can even perform a factory reset and install only the apps you need. 

Android running slow

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OS updates

Another common reason for device slow down is that the operating system might not be up to date. Android and iOS platforms need to be updated regularly to the latest version to benefit from the update. Even the old smartphone that cannot get updated hardware and OS struggle to keep up the pace. 

Android running slow

Defective Hardware

Being an electronic gadget, smartphones are even prone to get a break and wear out over time. Defective hardware can prevent your smartphone from reaching full speed. It could be a defect in CPU, battery, or heat up of the device. If you think that none of the methods is increasing the speed of the device, then try checking the hardware components, including the battery age. 

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Too Many Apps Are Open

Smartphones are meant for multitasking. And almost all the smartphone manufacturers are trying hard enough to give a seamless experience. However, at some point, your device’s ability to run multiple apps at the same time can affect the overall performance. IF the demands of the opened programs outstrip the device memory/processing power, then you will notice slow down. To avoid such an issue, close the apps that you don’t need before you open another. 


Apart from the Pixel and Android One smartphones, almost all the devices have bloatware. It is nothing but a set of pre-installed apps. They do nothing and run in the background. Over time, the updates, downloads, and other content make the storage full. Thankfully! You can disable or uninstall some of the pre-installed apps if it is of no use. Head to settings-→Apps to find the installed apps. If you do recognize any unused or unnecessary app, then uninstall or disable it. 


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Poor Settings

At times, some of the app settings can restrict the handset from rendering maximum performance. Take some time to examine each app’s settings individually. 

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