Amazon Echo Studio Review

November 12, 2019

Amazon is expertise in developing different Echo smart speakers with different price tags. However, considering the competition from the high-end of the smart speaker space such as Sonos and Apple, can the Amazon withstand? Though they made its way into the smart speaker world, there was a lot of criticism with its audio capabilities. However, with the Amazon Echo Studio UAE, we think that it has maintained a balance, especially in the audio quality. Its significant audio upgrades with the built-in smart home hub make it one of the best smart speakers of 2019.

So, with the ambitious audio credentials included with 3D audio mixes support and Dolby Atmos home cinema soundtracks at a competitive price is what makes the other companies struggle to achieve. Read on further for the complete review of Amazon Echo Studio in Dubai.

Amazon Echo Studio Design

It measures 8.1-inches tall and 6.9-inches in diameter thus turns out to be similar in size as Apple HomePod. Apart from the large size, another defining feature of Amazon Echo studio is the small horizontal opening that is almost an inch or so. This opening allows the audio to spread out better than expected. Like other Amazon smart speakers, the Echo studio in UAE houses four buttons- two for volume, one button to the mute mic and others to activate Alexa. Internally, there is a 5.25-inch woofer, along with three 2-inches mid-range speakers and a 1-inch tweeter.

In order to connect the smart speakers to TV, there is a line-in/optical-in port. Also, connect the Amazon Echo Studio Dubai, through Wi-Fi to a Fire TV Stick 4K which is yet another way to render a better audio experience. Also, check out Google Home that features similar audio capabilities.

Amazon Echo Studio

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Amazon Echo Studio Audio Performance

It is a difficult task to get the directional audio to work. And trying to make it work with the single speaker source is quite a challenging task. However, the Amazon Echo Studio in Dubai makes it possible. It houses a powerful speaker that does absolutely great with its bass power and the volume level. All of it comes out to be a well-tuned Atmos mix. The Amazon Echo Studio’s Dolby Atmos mixes of Elton John’s Rocket Man and Gregory Porter’s Mona Lisa. This combination gives out an interesting challenge to the studio sector.

The Rocket Man included delivers great sound quality and when mixed with Porter’s Mona Lisa it was really a spine-tingling experience. Though the effectiveness of the 3D audio is a bit disappointing, especially for those raised on stereo mixes of listening to their favorite tracks. Despite the fact, the Amazon Echo Studio is one of the powerful speakers at this budget price.

Amazon Echo Studio

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Amazon Echo Studio Price in UAE

As for now, you can pre-order Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo Studio price in Dubai is AED 734. Though it is the most expensive option of the Amazon Echo series, still it cheaper than those of Apple HomePod at AED 1281. You are not only getting a robust yet technology operated smart speaker but also the smart hub controllers.

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